Chapter 10

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I shake my head at Cupid as he casually dangles his arms out between the bars of his cell.

"What the bloody hell are you doing here?" I say.

Cupid's lips curl up into a grin.

"Same as you, I'd wager."

He runs a hand through his dirty blonde hair then leans back against the cell wall. Despite being taken prisoner he seems perfectly calm. There's an amused glint dancing about his irises.

I grip onto one of the metal bars in the door and lean forwards. A low chuckle escapes my lips.

"The original Cupid got himself caught. Pretty poor form, old friend."

"Right back at you," He pauses a moment then look of surprise passes across his face. "Wait...You mean you didn't mean to get caught?! Jeez, I would have warned you about the woman with the needle if I'd known. I thought it was all part of the plan..."

I say nothing. He lets out a low whistle.

"Well, this is awkward..." he says.

I lean forwards, dangling my own, muscular arms out of the cell.

"Quite..." I say, "though I must admit, it's also rather assuring that you intended to be here. So, what is the plan, then?"

Cupid grins widely.

"Oh I have the best plan ever. Did you hear about the Trojan war?"

I nod and smile.

"Ah, you're talking about the Trojan Horse. After their defeat, the Greeks sent a big wooden horse into Troy, the Trojans accepted it as a gift. They didn't realise it was a trap. The Greeks hid inside the horse then once behind enemy lines burst out and attacked."

Cupid nods emphatically.

"I take it we're the Trojan horse in this scenario?" I say.

Cupid nods again.

"So, you've brought weapons in, or something?"

His face falls slightly.

", not exactly," he says.

"You know a way out, though, right?"

He looks thoughtful.

"Um...well...not as such..."

I feel a rise of irritation. My fingers clench hard around the cool metal bars. I take a deep breath, reminding myself I must keep the beast at bay.

"So, what exactly was your plan?" I say through gritted teeth.

Cupid grins - my growing irritation seems to be amusing him.

"I just wanted to get in here - find out what was going on. It's not like they can kill me. I didn't think much beyond that..."

I violently shake the bars, feeling a growl growing from deep inside.

"Woooah, let's take it easy, shall we?!" he says.

I take a deep breath and compose myself. I flash him a smile, exposing my teeth.

"I'm perfectly calm," I say.

There's a shifting behind me as Klaus joins me by the bars.

"So, you're Cupid? The original Cupid?" he says.

"The one and only," says Cupid with a grin.

"The Cupids Matchmaking Service have been looking for you," says Klaus.

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