Over Here

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I MIGHT re-do the stories that I've posted at the end. Hope everyone had a great day!

Recap: Monie looked at the three boys, Ahmere and Charles who were both unconscious and Jordan who sat at the table.

"Leyah gone kill yo ass, boy." Monie muttered to Ahmere.

"She ain't gotta know, I'll stop!" Jordan said as he turned to Quay.

Jordan was shocked by what he found out about Quay, Suan, Caesar, Zane, Rod and Terrence but he wasn't scared.

"Hello?" Zane asked as his phone rung, "Ciana? What? Alright, alright."

Caesar turned to Zane when he heard his daughters name.

"Pleasure said she been calling yo phone, Ciana sick, she at the hospital now."

Caesar pulled out his phone and saw 28 missed calls from Pleasure.

He hurriedly picked up his phone, opening the door to Monie's house and running to his car.


6 • Over Here [Part One]

"Girl this summer, you'll be looking for. You'll be looking for me while I'm riding in That brand new whip you wanted. All I ever asked for was patience. (All I ever asked and you know it). Patience and pussy but mostly patience. Swear I used to keep you waiting, Now you waiting on something better. Girl what's better than this. We were supposed to do big things. Now you waiting for something better but Girl, what's better than this? Popping champagne over here'. Girl it ain't a thang over here. Blowing money fast over here. Blowing all this cash over here."

Caesar threaded his fingers into the soft curls on Ciana's head. She laid against his chest, breathing softly while Pleasure talked to the doctor.

They wanted to run more tests so she would have to stay the night. Nobody knew what was going on, not even the doctors.

His other hand rested on her back, rubbing his thumb against her soft skin. He went through red lights, speed limits, everything just to get to the hospital. The little girl in his arms was everything to him.

He watched as her eyes fluttered in her sleep, and her lips spread as her tongue lightly stuck out between them. She had been crying when he first came into her room, once the doctors calmed her, she fell right asleep in his arms.

For the last month he had been thinking about leaving the game. He knew it was hard, somewhat impossible but now he had a child. He didn't know how Terrence, Suan, and Zane didn't spend every second thinking about their kids, making sure they were safe.

Caesar thought about Ciana every second he was away from her. He loved and was so in love with Pleasure but he didn't know True Love until he saw what he created with the love of his life. He wanted her to grow up like the Princess she was and never have to want, she would have.

"I'm going to go get some clothes right quick, ok?" Pleasure said as she looked into Caesar's eyes. Her eyes were red from crying, Ciana had been crying all day. She had given her baby girl her bottle, pacifier, toy, blanket, everything she wouldn't stop crying. She called Champy while she let her frustration out before Champy told her Ciana wasn't breathing correctly and all her screaming and crying wasn't helping. Pleasure cried in fear as she called Caesar for what felt like a hundred times.

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