BIG Things - Kimi Raikkonen

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It was race week and we were at our hotel room getting some rest. I mean, I was getting some rest by myself cause Kimi had to go back to the track to solve some specific things with the team.

I've been extremely Needy and horny in the late days which means I'm almost on my period and Damn isn't cool at all...
I decided to sleep again, because at least I would have some hot dreams that only make you more needy. Shit!!

I wake up when I feel someone massaging my foot and it feel so so nice that it had to be a sin, or a dream.. or my imagination playing with my feelings.

"Hey!" I protest when he stops. "Don't don't stop!" I pout which makes him chuckle.
I finally open my eyes to find the Finn sitting with his legs crossed like a small boy, with his eyes attentive to the computer in front of him.

His super short wet hair which shows that he has just left the bath. His transparent shirt showing the beautiful, delicious muscles in his body made me lick my lips automatically. He was on his back and it was impossible for him to see me, but he felt that I was awake and turned to look at me and of course he smiled ... God My Boyfriend is very Sexy.

"Hey sleeping beauty!" He says, squeezing my tights making me shiver, but he doesn't seem to feel it. "You're good Rakkaus?" His voice sounding like a sweet exciting melody.

"I'm better now!" I say standing up to kiss his neck as my hands roam across his defined abdomen. "I missed you!"

"I know and I'm so sorry. Things are going crazy there. But now I'm here okay? " he says and kisses me back still not touching me which makes me groan in frustration.

" I want hugs and Extra things!" I say slowly emphasizing each word.

"What Kind of extra things?" He briefly looks at me smirking.

"Like BIG THINGS!" I whisper in his ear after kissing his earlobe.

"Oh! You want a Elephant!" He exclaims serene making me slap him hard. "What?" He asks annoyed and confused.

"I Literally Hate you!" I go to the bathroom to take a cold shower leaving him by himself.


A/N: I thought about doing a second part of this one...
You guys want it?

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