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I'm okay mommy sowey he said

I forgive you baby she said hugging him tighter


Naomi still mad at me we just ate Zyair sleep and we just got out the shower

Babe I'm sorry I said laying on her chest

Leave me alone she mugged

Why don't you let daddy make it better i said kissing on her G- spot

Mhm she mumbled

I climbed between her legs as I planted small kisses on her neck

Mm she moaned

I'm sorry princess I mumbled

Okay she said

Y'all already know what happened next


Tristan know he was wrong for playing that prank on me he know how I feel if something ever happened to Zyair but don't worry I'll get him back

After we got done we took a shower then we laid in bed

Then we went to sleep


I finally got to hear my baby heart beat after that we went to the movies then we went out to eat

Now jade acting like a baby laying all over me

Stop moving she wined

Get up I said

No your so warm she mumbled

I pushed her off me and turned on my stomach going to sleep


Wassup y'all im Terrace I'm jade's older brother I'm 23 years old I got a two year old daughter name Madison

I know she had a lot of women in and out her life .

But she really likes Malory she always talking about her or she try to call her on my phone

Me and Malory had sex once and she was a virgin . she just to clingy for me so I had to cut her off

But she still watch Maddie for me

I pulled up in front of her house grabbing Maddie

Malowie she squealed

I shook my head as I knocked on her and she finally answered in some shorts and a sports bra

She took Maddie from me and walked away

Uh how much you nee-

Just go I don't want yo money she mugged

What's yo problem I asked

How you go take my virgenty then cut me off T huh you hurt my feelings she cried.

I shook my head as I walked out closing my door

I went home took a shower and went to sleep

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