Odd Jobs: Part One

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"I fucking hate you." Yelled a smiling silver haired man; standing in the mirror, pulling out a silver dagger, that was engraved with his Gods symbol (he asked his "mate" K. make for his special rituals,) and took it and slit his wrists- blood just dripped down to the floor making big messy puddles- hoping he would finally die this time. There was more than enough blood for at least one death of a mortal being. 

Realizing the mess on the floor, he mumbles, "Shit! K's going to fuck me up if he sees this horror show." He slid the dagger back into its secret place- behind the mirror. Then grabbing a random towel lying on the bathroom floor, to wipe up most of the blood, he'd need some for the ritual, he would do once he had everything set up.

Not even a few minutes in, there was a loud knock had interrupted his prayers to his God, and a deep voice boomed on the other side, "Hurry it up in there Jade! We have things to do!" The man known as "K." yelled.

"Yes dear!!!" Jade yelled back sarcastically, threw gritted teeth. 'Fuck!' Can't a guy pray in peace around here?!' Jade thought angrily.

Even though he had to live with the man known as K they both couldn't stand one another most of the time, especially when Jade locked himself in the bathroom for hours at a time and then there are times when K. rushes Jade, from doing things of importance to Jade. The rest of the time when they have to tolerate one another, they some to be quite pleasant towards each other... Well for a masochistic lunatic and a miser, anyway.

"Time is money Jaden!" the older man was becoming impatient; (he was starting to use the silver haired man’s full name.) And if there was something that bothered the younger male more than being interrupted while praying was, when his “mate” used his full name.

The silver haired man's face went from its normally pale face to a dark red; his amethyst eyes glazed over and looked as if steam could spew out at any second. That's how much he disliked being called "Jaden."

“HOW MANY BLOODY TIMES DID I TELL YOU NOT TO CALL ME THAT!!!" yelled the religious man; by this time he was on the same side as the other male. The taller man was smirking and added in amusement, "Calm down Jade. It's not like I said anything bad about your precious 'Jashin.' Now come on before I kill your idiot ass!" Not that just anyone could accomplish such a thing, anyway.


A man with dark shades in a shiny black car with a red cloud painted on the hood of a 1967 Chevy Impala, pulled up in front of the couples house- which was located in the middle of nowhere basically- the man that was in the car didn't come out, he just parked his car. 

K. knew he was there for them; he turned to Jade and asked him to stay where he was. 

"What do you want Zeeke?" That was the only thing that Jade could pick up on when he tried to listen in, because K. was leaning in the car window so the man could whisper in K's ear.  

Their exchanges consisted of nods and small half smiles, since K. hardly ever laughed in front of anyone, besides himself and sometimes on occasion. Finally K. turned around, "Let's go Jade!"  

The Jashinist saw an opportunity to get his way with the miser, "Make me a deal first." K.'s eyes narrowed making Jade a little nervous. Almost wanting to tell K, never mind and get in the car that waited; but didn’t. He just waited nervously for his mate to come over. 

"What. Do. You. Want?!" as per usual, Jade was getting on the older man’s nerves. 

Jade wiggled his finger, to get K to come over to where he was standing. The silver haired man leaned in and whispered, “I made you come with one finger,” into the misers’ ear. A big smile plastered on his face after he removed his face from the taller man’s ear and burst out in hysterical laughter. This got him a smack to the back of the head. “Shut up, you come when I touch you, over the pants.” He replied, making the pink eyed boy blush. “Um, I still want to make a deal with you.” Jade said a lot calmer then he did earlier.  K rolled his eyes and told the silver haired man to make it quick. Jade then leaned in to whisper what it was he wanted and waited for K’s response. "Fine; now get in the damned car before I change my mind." Jade ran into the car before his miser could get in.  

"So where are we going shithead?" Jade asked obnoxiously. 

"Just sit back and enjoy the ride, baby!" Zeeke responded, earning a glare from both men, making him feel pretty nervous.

 “Hey! The only person that's aloud to call me that is K.!" Jade whined. K. was glad Jade didn't swear then, otherwise he would have lost it...

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