African Love-Chapter 4

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Fourth part hope you enjoy! sorry for making the chapters short, but I'll try and make them a little longer.

Chapter 4

I finally finished my shower and went down stairs for breakfast. I realized that Sarah and Jake were gone, and Tristan was still here.

"Hurry or I'll be late!"

"Wait I thought you weren't going to drive me to school?"

"Changed my mind, now let's go!"

We walked out of the house and drove to school. I was kind of confused on why Tristan waited for me.

"Why'd you wait for me?"

"Because my mom suggested that I take you and show you around school"

"Did you tell her that I didn't need your help"

"Yea, but she kept threatening me"



The car ride was silent for awhile till I broke the silence.

"Are you ok?"

"Yea why?"

"Because whenever you're around your family you are so mean. Did they do anything to make you so mean?"

"Yes!, that's why I'm like this"

"You know you don't..."

"We're here get out!"

"Whatever!" I said as I got out of the car. Hey, I tried to be nice!.


I walked into the school breathing in the new building smell. I asked around to where the office was but nobody showed me so I had to look for it myself. I walked in and my counselor was there. She gave me a big hug and handed me my schedule. I was only having 6 periods because I had to go to speech classes every week. But the worst part about that is that I have to take some of the classes online in the summer. No thank you!. She walked me to my first class and when we walked in everyone started starring at me.

"Well, hello there you must be Leylani!" the teacher said

"She is going to be here for 6 periods then she will leave for the day" my counselor said

When my counselor left people were still starring at me.

"Well would you like to tell the class what your name is" she said it like I couldn't understand her

"Well my name is Leylani, and I can speak English" Turning to the teacher

"Well would you like to tell us where you came from?"

"I use to live in East Africa and I got adopted and moved her like 4 days ago so I'm still trying to figure out how you guys live"

Everyone started laughing and then one guy gave me a high five. I looked at the teacher and she gestured me to take a seat. I always like sitting in the front of the classroom because I can concentrate better. She started teaching the class and someone poked me. I turned around and this girl started smiling at me.

"Hi, I'm Rachel"

"Leylani" I said as we shook hands

After class she walked me to my next one.

"Hey, can I ask you a question?"


"Why did everyone laugh at me?

"Because Ms. Boss is one of the meanest teachers we have and you back talked her on your first day of school. No one would ever think to do that, I mean we all hate her but we're all to coward to tell her that. Then you come along and now everyone loves you for it. You're the talk of the school now!"

"But I've only been here for an hour how do you know I'm the talk of the school already?"

"Hey!! Everyone!! What Did Leylani Do In First Period!!" she screamed and everybody said

"Talked back to Ms.Boss!!!" They all started clapping and looking at me like I did them a favor

"Now you know"



After I was done with school I already got homework which was to let your parents sign your syllabus. I waited for Tristan to get outside to drive me home. He was allowed to leave early because he had to take me home. Then he had to come back and finish his classes . And no he wasn't happy.

He walked over to me by the car and got in. He looked kind of cute in his outfit of all black. It was silent halfway home when he broke the silence.

"I heard you talked back to Ms. Boss"

"I didn't talk back I was just stating the fact that I could speak English!. god why are people so caught up about this?"

"Because no one would ever try and do that"

"She's going to hate me tomorrow"

"Yup" he said laughing


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