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unnamed projec,t please give me feedback, should i make the narrative more simple or more detailed? also give some ideas for names, if things go good i will upload next part soon and then once i finish this prologue the real story will start

In the middle of a hot summer night, a forty-ish man stepped inside his suburban house, while gasping for air he closed the door with all three locks, thing that he have never done before, considering the safety of his neighborhood, once is breath was calmed he started pushing a shelf book right behind the door," that shall keep them at bay" he foolishly thought, little did he know the creatures he was facing, came form hell it self. Awakened by the noise that the man did, a slightly younger woman came down the stairs, she was wearing a nightgown that let in evidence the silhouette of her body, she was in shape but not a perfect body per se.

-What's going on?-she asked her husband, puzzled by the improvised barricade, without saying a word or minding a look he went down to the basement to get his haunting rifle. Once he had get his gear and was loading the weapon he turned to his wife and said

- Go upstairs, wake up Kevin, get in the closet and don't come out! - She was now more puzzled than ever

-what's wrong? Thieves? why don't you call the cops?- she went straight to her phone as soon she took it she realize that the telephones were dead, she was going to her purse on the lobby to get her cell phone but her husband cut her of:

- they are useless too- he said with a cold voice and a hint of fear, he had always been a strong man, never showings his feeling to anybody, but now his hole being was yelling him to run away," no I am a McReary we don't run" he said to himself and that seemed to calm him down, his pride had get him with graceful victories countless times, this time wont be the exception, he was wrong.

He took her wife by the arm and pushed her upstairs; she was really scared demanding him an answer

- I don't know what is going on, alright?- he finally said- I just saw how a group of people dismembered and killed a security guard with only their hands, then I saw the same group being shoot several times and yet still walking, I don't know what's wrong but once I got out of the office I could see them everywhere, sooner or later they will arrive here, so now be so kind to get in Kevin's room and barricade the door as best as you can and don't come out... I love you- he hold her tight, kissed her last kiss and went downstairs. She obeyed and woke her son up, Kevin was 10 years old, he had the same eyes of his proud father but the hazel straight hair of his mother

-Honey, wake up baby, why don't you help me move your bed?-.

Now on the floor below an Irish man stood at his door, weapon readied at the door, his mind was racing remembering the last few hours of his life:

first the explosion, he worked for an important pharmaceutical company from Switzerland, he has the head of public relationships so he was not up to whatever they were developing on the sub-levels, but whatever it was shook the very founds of the twelve stories building, strange as it was he didn't pay much attention to it, he just wanted to finish up to head back home and spend some time with his lovely wife. about 15 minutes later the fire alarm sound throughout the entire facility, as expected the remaining employees very calm but yet quickly made their way to the emergency stairs, once he was on the lobby he and the rest of his fellow workers were expecting for the security guard to open the door, as it is protocol all doors must reaming closed after seven o'clock. a few more explosions rumbled trough the building, those were smaller but closer, the rest of the people were growing impatient when finally Steven, one of the security guard appeared from the darkens that filled the lobby expect for the bullet-proof glass doors, where the moonlight entered giving the entrance a ghostly feeling.

- ok, ok calm down-Steven said while looking for the keys- its not fire but apparently section 8 got their arses blown while playing with some instable substance, "great this will be all over the news tomorrow, I wont get to sleep tonight preparing the declaration for the media" McReary thought, but before someone could say something, five gunshots sounded on the far end of the big room, coming from the hallway that lead directly from section 8

- stay away freaks!!-someone yelled and shoots another series of gunshots

- I told you its no use, come on!- someone else told the first guy and then two ghostly shades appeared from the darkness, later turning into a scientist and a guard, they looked scared, frightened, they were both covered in blood but the scientist with the white coat was the most notorious

-Are you ok?-Steven said while looking at the two newcomers

-what do you think?!- the scientist said very angry- now opened the door and lets get out of here before they come- it now was too late, because now slow and lazy footsteps were heard for the very same hallway the have come from, Steven took his flashlight and pointed the beam towards the sound that was when they saw them: the undead slow man-eating monster, unstoppable, fearless nor tiredness, they look like they have been dead for years, wearing orange jumpsuits some of them filled with someone else blood they started to reach for their preys, at that moment both guards opened fire towards this hellish ghouls' but they appeared to not be harmed by the weapons the first two monsters reached the scientist, one grabbed his arm while the other tried to bring him down to set the dinner for his cannibals equals. now all five monsters were over the scientist that was crying for help, one of the workers tried to help him but he was also dragged to the orgy of blood that was taken place: first, one of the zombies bitted the scientist neck ripping a big chunk of meat and a fountain of blood sprayed from the wound, the main artery was damaged, he would dye in seconds after that, the other man was not so lucky, one of the undead was trying really hard to get a piece for him and ripped apart the whole left arm, the poor man was screaming and fighting to get out of that death grip, then someone bite of his left cheek

- Oh my good-someone said, that was all that his mouth was able to say before someone could say something else. <BANG> a big hit was heard from the other side of the door, bringing McReary back to the present, they have found him, <BANG> another hit then another and more each time faster and stronger, he checked the clip on his old hunting rifle, and aimed to the door. the door started to give in, but the self book was the second obstacle to sort, with just a few more hits they were inside, he took a look at the first thing before shooting the first round, it was his neighbor, good he hated him, he grinned and shoot.

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