Jokes are Half-meant

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Once, in my life, I realized that not all pranks seem funny to everyone. Some make things worse. And some, a lot better. It doesn’t matter what mistake you have done, what the most important is, you’ve learned from your mistake.

I wanted to tell a memoir about me, a certain happening that made my life changed, well, a bit and that happened on a sunny Tuesday.

It was a boring break time for me so I planned to make a prank on my classmate, Austin, who has a big big crush on me at that time. And I really hate the fact that he follows me wherever I go, he even made my own friends closer to him, just to persuade me to go out with him. I was strongly hoping that he would give in to my well-planned lies. And guess what, he really did!

I was eating my lunch prepared by Mum hastily as I started to tell my bestfriend, Riley, lies about me having a ‘’boyfriend girls would surely die for”.

I looked for the ‘’evidence’’ in my bag, then I raised the hand that’s holding it. It is a romantic story book.

“This book’s really awesome. I recommend you to read this. You’ll love it.” I said. I tried to change my voice as persuading and natural as I can.

The thing is l really tried my best not to throw up every time the characters mention cheesy stuffs about this certain love. I’m not saying I can’t fall in love, but for me, you don’t have to be that tacky to show your affection. It’s always the thought and the feelings that count.

“Really? You seem in love these days by the way. I thought you hated books like that?” she inquired. She grabbed the book and scanned its pages. She was completely puzzled about my current behavior. Though I know it’s wrong, I should do it for myself and I wish she would understand.

“Well… You know… Love can change everything. HE changed me.” Every word, every letter, I am planning to say, is pre-recorded in my mind. I am avoiding uttering something about the truth. Really, really, trying hard.

“Who? Don’t tell me you have had a boyfriend now.”

“E-exactly,” I snapped. My voice zoomed in an instant. So I continued telling my lies, “We’ve had a date last night. He was really sweet.”

“Wow. I’m so envious of my big sis. Who? That senior Jadrian? I didn’t know you had that kind of luck,” she expressed and a feeling of excitement flashed right through her eyes. But she suddenly snapped her fingers, “Aren’t him hooked up with the girl he’s courting last year?”

“Oh… well… that one…” Crap. I almost forgot about that. Drops of sweat rolled down my cheeks as I tried to think of the next word to say to my best friend. This was the very first time I lied to her. I just want that stupid Austin to stop courting me, that’s all. So I lied again, “Yeah… But… he explained that he stopped courting the… girl and he wants me to be his… um… girlfriend.” I think.

“Ooh… That’s perfect. How is he?”

“He’s sweet and romantic.” I believe? “He loves to hug me a lot. He does it like a… hobby.”

“Really?” Austin intruded. His eyebrows twitching and his finger pointing to me. What’s he up to now? Picking a fight, loner?

“Yeah. Really.” I answered him and stood up proudly. I saw senior Jadrian passed by the window. So I instantly screamed, “Hello, Jadrian!

I hoped he heard me. And he did, he stared through my direction and yelled back, “Hi Aliza! See you later!” But he did had a ‘’huh?’’ expression. He must be shocked ‘cause I didn’t put a ‘Senior’ at the beginning of his name. He is my senior after all.

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