Baby sitting

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Sasuke's POV

I get to be with naruto for the whole day while Kyuubi was out for a special meeting yay.

I'm gonna have so many obsticals to go threw today it wont be funny so I had this little guy in my bookbag that was on my chest so I could keep a close eye on him.

Sasukie was doing the same thing as we while we walked to class though everyone was stairing at us like we slapped the coolest people in this school which wont happen cause that us were know from our personality and looks no one cares, about how we truly act or who we truly are so we set up a front and be our normal selves at him.

Me and my twin were about to go our seperate ways when naruto started whining and whimpering as he reached for his twin like he did last night so I sighed looked at sasukie who crossed his arms and allowed me to have Menma we were gonna switch later.

But on my way to class I was stopped by one of the fangirls that wanted to talk to me though I wasnt gonna trust her so I kept my gaurd up.

"hey sasuke how are you today" she asked trying to seem cute but failed to do so "tired" I only replied and walked off to my class being the first one there cant let them stop me from being to class early.

Once i sat down and kept an eye on the now sleeping twins naruto started crying and shaking violently while his brother tried to comfert him so I pitched in and hugged my bag that contained the two but I made sure to see if, anyone was looking before I whispered in naruto's ear saying 'don't worry I'm here' or 'your safe don't cry' which surprisingly worked calming the small blond.

The bell ringed signaling the other students to come into the class room for the day as one by one the kids walked in with there friends talking loudly waking up the fox cubs so I got up and shushed all of them it didn't woke, as first until I slapped the loudest kid in the class room and shushed his tail.

I didn't need to do the same to anyone else cause they all had went silent "everyone stay quite" I said until this one girl walked in talking loudly on her phone so I took it smashed it on the ground and shushed, her "excuse me I was in the middle of talking to my boy...." "this class room is to remain silent until said to talk zip it, lip it and sit your butt down" I growled and went to my seat and watched over the cubs who make small movements from time to time.

The teacher soon walked in and was surprised to see how quiet the class was cause it was very unusual since they get yelled by the principle so many times.

But they all pointed to me and he understood.

"Mr. Uchiha what is your occasion for this" he asks "I've been told to baby sit at school today so that's what I'm going to do......also there sleeping right now and they were being to loud so I shut them up" I said as I looking down at my bag.

I changed schedules for the second semester of high school but I still ended up with almost the same classes like Sasukie.

The teacher started talking as he seemed in gulfed in the book of history and he also seem fairly happy that he gets to talk regularly for the first time since he always had to yell at his students almost all the time so, now he has a break so he should be happy about working as a teacher your welcome......until I don't come to school anymore.

Though in the middle of class Naruto started to have nightmares as he started moving around and hyperventilating as he let out a silent cry.

He reached his arms up in a fit of wanting attention so I picked him up as he was wearing a little hoodie that covered his ears and tails nicely as he tightly gripped my shirt not wanting to let go so I just held him close to me in a protective way as for Menma he found away to got to my tail as he hugged it though other people couldn't notice because of how the desks are form and no sits by me.

The teacher was interrupted by the door being forced opened "sorry I'm late" a pink haired girl named sakura says very loudly causing the class to shush her.

"what's going on" sakura asks than everyone pointed to me "oh hi Sasuke-kun" she says loudly while smiling so I shushed her cause she was going to wake Naru and Menma from there sleep and I didn't want that.

She sees why I shushed her and awed at the cuteness but I swear if she tries anything its gonna be her that's thrown out the window head first cause I'm sick of her junk.

She walks over to me so I had to push Menma off my tail to hide it but he gave out a weak whine in protest until I managed to get him off and quickly replace it with a stuffed bear that Kyuubi gave me which worked like a charm.

Sakura being the nosey person she is wanted to touch one of them but I slapped her hand away.

"No sakura you cant touch them they don't like you" I said harshly "how do you know" sakura asks  so I glared at her "sakura this conversation will escalate pretty quickly if you don't shut up and not touch them do you understand" I growled looking forward try to pay attention though I had slapped sakura's hand 50 times already how does it not hurt.

Sighing I pushed her away from me so I wouldn't have to deal with this any longer.

But after a while she managed to poke Naruto causing him to wake up and start crying  "what did I freaking tell you" I growled trying to calm down the blond kitsune in my arms.

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