Chapter 3

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Darcy and I got back to my house and quickly changed into our new swimwear. I put on my new brown bikini that made my skin look tanner. Over that, I put on short denim shorts and styled my dirty blonde hair into natural waves, sexy but simple. Darcy put on short Soffe shorts and a low v-neck over her new white and orange striped bikini. I did her brown hair somewhat like mine, except I wove a waterfall braid around her head, making it look like she wore a crown. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

We skipped out of my room, and I asked, "You ready for them boys?"

She nodded excitedly. Her phone rang and she looked at the screen. "It's my mom," she said. "It might be a while." She scowled and answered her phone. "Hey, mom! . . . Yes, I'm still here with Paige! . . . We're not alone! Her mom is here. . . . "Oh, come on! Can't I just stay a little bit longer? . . ." She continued to argue with her mom and headed to my room to talk with her more privately. Honestly, I was glad I didn't have to hear the rest of their conversation.

I shook my head, thinking about how terrible it'd be to live with Darcy's parents.


I was jolted out of my thoughts by someone banging on the front door.

"Paige! It's us!" I heard Louis yell.

I laughed and opened the front door. They all picked up their bags and rushed inside. Zayn quietly wandered in last, taking in the interior of the house. I shut the door behind him.

"Home sweet hoooooooooome!" Louis yelled loudly, causing everyone to plug their ears.

"Shush!" I hissed, holding back a grin. "You're so loud, Louis!"

Niall just laughed his adorable, care-free laugh.

Darcy came in with a pissed look on her face. But it disappeared once she saw the boys. "Hey, guys! I thought I heard something!" she said.

"Hey, Darcy!" the boys greeted. Well, everyone but Zayn.

She beamed, obviously still trying to get used to seeing One Direction and hearing them say her name.

"Alright, I'll show you to your rooms," I said, heading towards the stairs without waiting for a response. After making sure they were following me, I walked up the stairs. It felt weird to be going this way, because I didn't spend much time on the second floor.

I stopped in the hallway. There were five doors. I motioned to the two on the right and said, "These are two rooms--" I motioned to the doors on the left and continued, "And there's another room and the bathroom you all have to share. Don't mind the door at the end of the hall. It just leads to the roof."

"I call rooming with Harry!" Louis said, dragging Harry with him inside the first room on the right.

That left Zayn the room next to the bathroom on the left. Alone. A look of sadness flashed across his face, but it was quickly replaced by the blank expression i was used to seeing him plaster on. He grabbed his stuff and opened the door to his guest room. His eyes lingered on the door at the end of the hall for a second before he shut his door.

Now I was alone.


Suddenly, Niall poked his head out of the door and said, "What are your plans for today?"

I smirked. "Remember my call? Go put on your swimwear!"

He grinned and retreated back into his room.

I went back downstairs to search for Darcy. I ended up finding her in my room getting her stuff together.

"Why did your mom call?" I asked her.

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