Part 60*

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Shravan and Sumo have to admit that they had the absolute best sleep last night. The rhythm of each other's breathing was the perfect lullaby to transport these you beings into a world of blissful dreams. As morning came, the sun gleamed through the huge windows of the room. Shravan stirred in his sleep and Sumo slowly opened her eyes to a gorgeous view of the city.

 Shravan stirred in his sleep and Sumo slowly opened her eyes to a gorgeous view of the city

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Just from laying in the bed, she could she the entire city waking up before her. The lights of the nighttime were still on, and the cars rushed through the traffic filled streets. There was a perfect view of the Thames river which ran through the entire city. Sumo was in awe, waking up to this wasn't bad at all.

She got out of bed and came towards that glass, standing with her hand placed on the glass and staring out at the view.  Suddenly she felt two strong hands wrap around her waist, from behind.

Shravan: (resting his chin on her shoulder) Good Morning Jaan.

Sumo: (smiling while looking out) Good morning Shravu.

Shravan: This is the best view I have ever seen when I woke up.

Sumo: I know, the city looks beautiful.

Shravan turns Sumo around so that she is facing him. She is leaning on the glass window and caged by Shravan's hands that are placed on either side of her. His face is inches away, and his eyes filled with so much love.

Shravan: I'm not talking about the city. (Kissing her forehead) You. You are the best view to wake up to.

Sumo: (blushing) Soon ever morning with be like this.

Shravan: One month, and you're mine forever.

Sumo: (blushing) I'm already your's.

Shravan: (freeing her from his grasp) Did you sleep well?

Sumo: Yes, what time is it?

Shravan: It's just 7:30. But we have jet lag so that's why we couldn't sleep.

Sumo: You go and get ready for the hearing, I'll find something to make for breakfast.

Shravan: No sumo, you get ready too. I'll make breakfast after I finish getting ready.

Sumo: Shravan be quiet! This is my house remember?! I will make the rules!! Go take a shower, I'm making breakfast.

Shravan: (smiling) As you say love.

Sumo: (blushing) Go Shravan! I don't want you to be late!!

Shravan leaves her room and goes back to the guest room where he has all of his luggage. Sumo sighs before heading back to the closet and taking out the clothes that she is going to wear today. She heads into the shower. In a couple of minutes she comes out wearing the white crop top paired with a blue floral skirt that Shravan obviously had chosen for her. She blushes thinking about their shopping spree before putting on a statement necklace.

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