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"It started with a whisper, and that was when I kissed her."


Justin pours us both a cup of coffee, and I eagerly snatch mine from his grasp.  He chuckles, "Easy there, princess."

The hot, smooth liquid glides down my throat, and I release a breath of relaxation.  Justin's hand settles on the back of my neck as he leads us back into his office.  "Shit, I forgot my notebook." Justin groans in annoyance before exiting the office.  Not only three seconds passed before his presence was replaced by another ones.

"You look like hell." Logan comments and I give him a dirty look.  Sure, maybe I didn't look the greatest after a night of partying, but comparing me to hell was a bit much.

"Shut up," I grumble, earning a laugh.

"So, how was your night with Justin." He gives me a devious smirk. He clearly noticed that Justin and I arrived together in his fancy blue Ferrari.

The corners of my lips curve upwards, "It was nice, actually."

"Cool, cool, cool," Logan nods his head, "any epiphanies or anything?"

My eyebrows pull together, "What are you talking about?"

"I mean," He takes a seat in Justin's chair - probably not a very smart decision.  "do you like him?"

"As a person, yeah, he's nice,"  Of course Justin was a good person and I liked him.  Well, maybe he wasn't a good person but he was good to me.

"Did you have a chat about what I told you?"

"Not really, he knows about the hit-man business but nothing more."  Logan seems annoyed at my response.

"Also, I meant like him, romantically.  He adores you that way, after all."  He stares at me harshly, causing me to take a seat across from him.

"I don't know..."  Justin was the first guy in my life to ever truly care about me in such an obsessive way.  "Maybe?"

"Developing feelings, nice," Logan grins widely and I can't understand why.  He seems to care a lot about Justin and I's relationship, yet has never truly explained why.  With that, he stands up. "I better get back to work, don't be a stranger."

I'm left alone in the office once more, glancing around at the large space.  Finally, Justin re-enters, a brown leather book in his hand.  "Why did I just see Logan coming out of here?" Justin asks annoyed, taking a seat in his chair, narrowing his eyes suspiciously.

"He just asked how our night was." I reply, crossing my legs over one another. Justin rolls his eyes, grumbling something under his breath.  "What was that?" I question him, raising an eyebrow.

"He's just nosey, and it pisses me off." He says, clear this time. "Don't talk about us with him, okay? The less he knows, the better." 

"Why do you dislike Logan so much?" He was one of Justin's best workers, after all. He worked on the same floor as him, and knew a lot about him. 

"Long story," He mumbles, but I can almost guarantee it's not that long of a story.  I roll my eyes and stare down at the papers Justin places in front of me.  "Can you sign some of these for me?" He quickly scribbles his signature down on a sticky note and passes it to me.

I try my best to copy his signature, it looks fairly similar, if I do so say myself.  Justin speaks on his cell phone to a random client, writing down his order on a special 'order sheet'.  His landline phone rings, he motions for me to answer.

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