All Ive Ever Known

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Kara could hear the crack of something- not cement- in the Green Room, could see the glowing lights . She thought that Lillian and Alex were training again, until she heard sobbing. Turning the corner, she used her hand print to get into the room, but it felt like she was getting stabbed by an unknown force as soon as she saw Lillian Eliza sitting in the middle of the floor, sobbing. Kryptonite levels were on 89%, enough to feel pain for human/kryptonian hybrid, but enough to feel like death for a full Kryptonian. Kara could just barely reach up to turn the levels down to where they both lost their powers, but wouldn't feel pain. Lillian looked up, swollen eyed and tear faced.

"Y-you should be helping A-Aunt Alex with fi-fi-finding M'gann," she says between sniffles, wiping at her tears.

"How can I focus on that when I heard my daughter sobbing?"

"I thought the w-walls were lined with lead?" Lillian looks up confused, eyes blue, indicating that she wanted Kara instead of Lena right now.

"I didn't need super-hearing to hear that, sweetheart." Kara gently places a kiss in her daughter's forehead. Lillian lays her head on Kara shoulder, still sniffling. "Wanna tell me what's wrong? Did Lena do something?"

"Don't you have better things to do, than to listen to my problems?" Lillian asks, Kara only hugs her daughter tighter.

"You're my daughter. My responsibility. And, your problems are now my problems. So, therefore if you have a problem, I have a problem... I started to ramble again didn't I?" Kara chuckles, trying to brighten the mood.

Lillian laughs too, but it wasn't a full laugh, it has some sob to it, "Tell me what's wrong kir chahv," Kara says, the Kryptonese rolling off her tongue like it hadn't been years since she had spoken it.

"What does that mean?" Lillian asks, having had calmed down in her mothers strength, even though the Kryptonite levels were taking all of it away.

"I'll tell you after you tell me what happened," Kara comprises, looking down at her daughter, whose eyes were still blue. "And don't push me away, I know that you want to talk. Your eyes are blue, so Lena must've done something."

"Sh-she didn't do anything. I-it was me.'re going to get mad," Lilly looks down at her hands, playing with her fingers.

"Lillian Eliza Luthor-Danvers, Danvers-Lutho, however you want to say it. There is nothing you could've done in this whole galaxy that could possibly make me upset."

"Y-Yes there is. I-I-I," she breaks down crying again, Kara pulling her closer.

"I-I went back to my foster parents' house, t-to get a few things. Th-they said they wanted to take me o-out for ice cream b-before I left. I sh-should've known n-not to go. Th-they stopped at a-a gas station and brought m-me in. Th-they said they needed a p-portable charger. Th-they asked m-me if I could gr-grab it for them. A-and I did. B-but they went back out to the c-car, kn-knowing I would follow them. I-I guess the-they already had 911 dialed or something. I-I forgot I had the charger i-in my hand and I-I ran out after them. B-but the cops were there. My foster parents had told them th-that i-i had been caught stealing before...wh-which I have, b-but th-that was wh-when they weren't feeding me or I-I needed medicine for my cuts and bruises. I-it's really all I've ever kn-known how to do. A-and I feel terrible for it, i-i do. But they caught me this time. A-and i called Lena, because I-I knew that she didn't have any meetings today, a-and you were out trying to fight those big alien things...." Lillian takes a few deep breathes while drying a few tears, but not stopping the crying.

"And when sh-she bailed me o-out w-we went b-back home and sh-she, sh-she yelled at me, sh-she told me that I was stupid, tha-that i laid a burden upon myself wh-when I went back there." Lillian sobs into Kara's shoulder, and they just sit in that spot the rest of the day, Kara singing in Kryptonian, telling Lillian about Krypton. What kir chahv means. Kara told her about Astra, and how she had used to call her Little One. It wasn't until Kara had gotten a call from a panicked Lena, that she realized how late it was. Lena had probably been so stressed about the Lillian and her foster parents thing that she over worked herself. Not any normal time either. It was almost 2 in the morning. When Kara and Lillian decided to head back to the house, Lena was there one the couch waiting for them, standing up as soon as she heard the lock click. She smiled at Kara and Lillian, only to have Lillian trudge upstairs to her room.

"Lillian!" Kara says, but Lillian ignores her, feeling drained from all of the crying. She goes up to her room, and closes the door.

"Kara, not now. She needs time. I was practically a bomb with her today. Let her rest." Lena gently places a hand on Kara's shoulder.

"Why did you get so mad at her?" Kara asks.

Alrriigghhhtt, sorry it's so short, not even 1000 words :/. Buuuuttt more next chapter. Hope you like it :)

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