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When Nick had decided that they had exhausted their every last option with how to help you rid your mind of memories that were never even your own, he was only then beginning to feel desperate. It wasn't when Phil flat-out refused to let you anywhere near TAHITI by threatening to destroy the mechanism, or when the Soldier came to life within you for a few terrifying minutes that left your hand tightly crushing his throat; no, those moments weren't what scared him.

This was the moment right now as you looked at him with vacant eyes, dark and cold but piercing his heart with the knowledge that you were no longer behind them, and that you weren't coming back. Your hands were clenched into tight fists, the muscles of your arms tense with anger and determination to break free of the restraints they had bound you with. The blaring sirens and flashing lights around you only built your resolve to free yourself, and when the barriers snapped to release you, there was no turning back.

"Lock down the building!" Nick barked out the command, taking a stand at the door to block you, his expression filled with regret. "Please, don't make me pull my weapon."

Without saying a word, your actions communicated for you, barging forward and swinging your leg low to catch his knee with a resounding crack that dropped him to the floor in a heap. You had his gun in hand within seconds, turning to fire on anyone who so much as dared to oppose you, including Phil, who had just barely ducked behind a table to safety before he could draw his own gun in defense.

"(Y/N), this isn't you! Please, don't do this!"

As you looked at the man who had been one of your closest friends for years now, your mind screamed at you to recognize him, but the Soldier's memories were too strong and pushed your tiny voice down. The two of you stood at a stalemate, weapons aimed at each other but neither making the move to attack; you didn't want to hurt this man, you knew that in your soul, so instead, you fired at the table close enough to him to make him duck away, giving you the few seconds you needed to run. "You're not my mission," you muttered before leaving his sight.

Phil stood and hurried to Nick's side, stopping only for a second to try to assure him that he was going to make this all stop. "I'll find her, sir. Medics are on the way."


"I know," Phil nodded, grabbing his phone and dialing urgently, hoping that the other end of the line would be answered amidst the chaos going on around them. When it was, he was almost at a loss for words in disbelief that this was all really happening. "Captain Rogers..."


"Cap...she's coming for you."


Your first target, before finding Steve's location, was to gather the weapons that you would need to finish the job assigned to you. This one gun in your hand wouldn't be nearly enough to take down the Captain, who would certainly be guarded by any number of agents with several weapons of their own. Ducking quickly around a corner, you waited until a small search party passed by you before hurrying down one of the long corridors to a touch panel outside of one of the few doors in front of you. Tapping your fingers quickly over the screen, you pulled up a schematic of the building, your eyes darting over the information until you found the one room that would give you everything you could need.


You spun on your heel towards the random voice of a lone agent, who had made the fatal error of trying to take you on alone. He wasn't difficult to kill by any means, not even really a challenge, but if nothing else, he solidified that your aim was still incredibly accurate. To return the favor of his sacrifice, you allowed him a quick death.

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