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I sit in the shadows. Waiting. Out of breath. The mutts chased me for at least a mile before I lost them on the pair from 12. Now I sit, waiting and watching to see how this will play out at the top of the cornucopia. Cato is my district partner and, I probably should help him. Plus, then we get to win together. 

I stalk over to the other side of the cornucopia where the mutts aren't chomping at their feet. I quickly and quietly pull myself onto the cornucopia. 

Peeta is closest to me. I slowly grab my knife and step behind him, Katniss who had been focused on fighting Cato notices me. Before she can breathe out a word, I've already slit his throat. 

"Awe, how tragic." I smirk as I step closer to Cato and Katniss. 

"Peeta." Katniss cries, she falls to her knees. 

"Do you want the honors, or should I?" I ask Cato, gesturing to the girl crying on the ground in front of us. 

"I think I can handle it." Cato takes the bow and arrows from Katniss. 

"Stand up." He pushes her up to stand on the edge of the top of the cornucopia. 

Katniss whimpers and looks to the hungry mutts below. Cato steps back as far as he can and draws her bow. It was never his weapon of  choice but he's still good with it. 

"Please" Katniss cries out. 

I cross my arms over my chest and scoff. 

"Why would we give you pity? Once you're gone, we both get to go home. We get to be the king and queen of the capitol. Once you're dead, this is all over" I state. 

No more words are spoken as Cato raises her bow once again. This time he lets an arrow soar through the air. It pierces her heart and she clutches it before falling backwards into the abyss of mutts. 

"Nicely done." I tell Cato. 

Cato looks over and smiles at me. 

"We did it." Cato looks up to the fake sky. 

He steps over and pulls me in a tight hug. I'm stiff at first due to the close contact. Cato and I have never acted like this, not that I'm opposed. We always we're doomed. We we're both the best in our year and we both needed to go. We had to volunteer. It's what was expected of us. We were expected to bring back victory to our district. 

A voice comes on in the arena and interrupts our hug. 

"I present to you all, our 74th Hunger Games winners, Cato and (Y/n)." 

The hovercraft comes to greet us with warmth and food. 

~Years later~

That was the beginning. The beginning of the rest of my life. My life in the Capital. My life under prying eyes. With Cato. Year after year of children's death. It got old. It got merciless. If only I had known what I was doing in the games. If only I had known what I could have prevented. I was just as merciless as them but now I see. Now that I have children. Now Cato and I are a family.  I see my mistakes. All it took was our firstborn being sent into the arena. 

alternate reality?
let me know what you guys think!!
I really like this one:) 

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