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"So here's the job," Canderous said once they had arrived back at the apartment. They all gathered around to listen, though Carth somewhat begrudgingly. "I want off this planet as much as you do. As you know, the blockade currently prevents that. Any ship that launches into the atmosphere without the proper clearance codes will get shot down by the planetary turbolasers. Even if we manage to bypass those, we still need a separate set of codes to bypass the orbital fleet. Those codes are kept in the military base here in the Upper city. If your crew can infiltrate the base and retrieve the codes I can provide the ship to get us off the planet. I can also provide you with the means to get into the base undetected."

"So if you have the means to get into the base and the ship," Venar asked, "why not just do it yourself? Why ask us?"

"I'm Mandalorian. We're not known for our subtly. The way you handled yourself at the race with skill and discretion is exactly what we need here. If the Sith know we've taken the codes they'll just change them and the plan will fail. That's why stealth is the key here."

"He makes a valid point," Bastila said, "that base is heavily guarded. It would be suicide to storm in with brute force. Secrecy is our ally in this situation."

"So how do we get in?" Venar asked.

"There is a droid shop run by a twi'lek here in the Upper City," Canderous explained, "she has a droid for Davik Kang, the local crime boss of the Exchange. Davik sent me to pick it up when its ready. Its a T3 astromech droid that's capable of slicing into highly advanced and secure networks and systems. Should get you through the back door of the base no problem."

"Hold on this is crazy," Carth spoke up suddenly, "are we seriously considering breaking into the Sith military base? Do we even know how many troops are crawling around that base? This is a crazy risk."

"I think I have an idea..." Venar mused with a slight smirk,  "it just might work."

Sarna couldn't believe her luck. She had thought Rusk had abandoned her that night after the party. Typical, she had thought. She figured he had gotten what he wanted and then skipped out on her as soon as possible. She supposed though that was to be expected of someone who wasn't a Sith. Over the couple days that had followed she had all but forgotten about the man she had met at the bar, with all the excitement with what happened at the race and such.

She was especially surprised when he had come running up to her on the street while she was on her way back to the base to finish her shift. She was still in her communications officers' uniform. He had looked so excited to see her and he had explained that something important had come up the other night and she had passed out pretty hard. She was inclined not to believe him but he seemed so sincere... and he was very attractive.

She followed him back to the apartment he was staying at. He said he was going to make it up to her for the other night. It made her chest swell. No one had ever come back like that before. Not for an officer in the Sith ranks. She could at least indulge him for a moment, at least hear what he had to say. Though she had a good idea what he was expecting to happen...

What she wasn't expecting, was a blaster pistol to be shoved in her face as soon as the door opened. She was ushered inside by a scruffy looking man with dark hair.

"What is this?!" she bellowed, "Rusk! What do you think you're-"

"Sorry, sweetheart," Venar said with a smirk, "but we're gonna need your uniform."

"Also we're going to have to insist you don't call for help," Mission said walking forward, Zaalbar close behind. "My friend here likes ripping the arms off of Sith cowards."

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