Just a Little Favor

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I wandered around Walmart trying to find small gifts to put in the goody bags at my sister's baby shower. I had stopped to smell candles when a deep voice interrupted me.

"Hi, I have a really weird favor to ask you," he spoke rushed.  "My ex-girlfriend just showed up and I was wondering if you could maybe pretend to be my girlfriend for a bit?"

I was completely shocked by the situation I had just been thrown into but quickly snapped out of it when I saw the look of urgency on his face.

"Uh, sure, I guess," I stuttered.

"Great!  My name is Jay and we've been dating for two months.  Can I hold your hand?"  He asked. 

"Yeah, here," I held my hand out to him and barely registered my intake of breath when his fingers interlocked with mine.

"Okay I think she's around this corner," Jay whispered as he faced the shelf I had been looking at.  "Oh my gosh, what's your name?" he quickly asked.


"Madison," he tested my name out.  "I like it."

"Jay?!" an obnoxiously loud voice asked.  "Is that you?"

Jay grimaced slightly before turning to his left, blocking my view of her.

"Hi Kelsey."

"Oh my gosh, it's been so long!  What have you been up to?  How's your life been?  I've missed you!"

"I've been great."  Jay gave my hand a little tug and I took the signal to move to his side.  I let my eyes take in Kelsey's long hair that was such a dark brown it nearly looked black.  She was wearing a skin tight, bright pink tank top and equally tight torn to shreds blue jeans even though it's the middle of winter.  Her nails were claw-like and covered in rhinestones.  Once my eyes made contact with hers I felt my grip on Jay's hand tighten automatically at her glare.

"Who is this?  I didn't know you were babysitting."  Her voice got squeakier as she tried to insult me.  My heart dropped as Jay's hand left mine but felt it jump-start when he put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me against his side.

"Kelsey, this is my girlfriend, Madison."

"Hi!  Its nice to meet you!  How do you know Jay?"  I asked, faking oblivion.

"Oh, please.  I'm sure Jay has told you all about me."

"You said your name is Kesley, right?"

"Try Kelsey," she ground out.

"Right, sorry.  Yeah, he hasn't said anything about you.  I'm sorry." I laid my hand that wasn't around Jay's waist over my heart in the fakest apology I could muster. 

"I'm sure it just slipped his mind," she growled. 

I smiled sweetly up at Jay, wrapping both arms around his waist.  "I guess he has been a little preoccupied."  Jay's eyes locked onto mine and his smile stretched across his whole face.

We both turned at the sound of Kelsey huffing angrily.  I almost laughed at the sight before me.  Luckily, Jay's hand squeezing my waist stopped me from giggling.  Kelsey was standing with her arms crossed and a scowl set on her face similar to a toddler's. 

"Are you alright, Kelsey?  You look a little green."  Jay's cough barely covered his laugh at my small joke.

"I hope you're happy together," she muttered before storming off.  As soon as she rounded the end of the aisle, we turned to each other and laughed.

"Oh my gosh, that was amazing!"  I laughed.

"You were amazing!  'You look a little green'? That was genius!"  Jay pulled me to him in a hug.

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