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Carth returned to the abandoned apartment that night with a box of take out food Zelka had generously procured for him and Venar. He was grateful, especially since they were technically fugitives and didn't have any credits. Carth quickly punched in the code to the door of their apartment he had sliced into and programmed when they had first arrived.

The door slid open with a hydraulic hiss and he stepped inside, the door automatically resealing behind him. The lights activated and he set the container of food down on the table next to the door. As he looked up he was shocked to see a Sith trooper sitting casually on the old metal couch in the corner of the room. Carth instinctively drew his blaster and aimed.

"Woah! Woah! Easy there killer!" the Sith trooper called out through muffled static of his helmet. Venar ran a hand through his hair as he took off the helmet and set it next to him on the couch. "You wouldn't believe how hot these things can be!"

"I could've killed you!" Carth shouted.

"Hey! Take it easy Sargent Rancorface," he shot back sarcastically," I'll have you know I'm not so easily killed."

"Yeah well if you don't start taking this mission more seriously you are going to end up dead soldier!" Carth shouted angrily, "while your off partying with the enemy and playing dress up I'm trying to find a way off this blasted planet and save this mess of a galaxy"

"Hey Carth-"


"Remember how you said only Sith troopers could get into the lower city..."

The realization struck Carth suddenly, jolting him out of his frustration, "You did it! You blasted did it! You're a genius!"

"Can I get that in writing?"

"How did you pull it off? How did you-"

"I noticed the girl in the cantina checking me out as soon as we walked in," Venar explained, "I also noticed the Imperial insignia on her dog tags. So I sat at the bar and sure enough she sat down. I knew if I played my cards right she could be useful. I wasn't sure how, but it looks like we rolled right on the high chance cubes this time."

"She just gave you the armor?"

"What? No of course not. I got her and her friends drunker than a womp rat bathing in jomba juice. Then I stole it."

"You stole a Sith's armor?!"

"Relax she's just a low level trooper she's not one of those freaky Dark Jedi wackos. Although now that you mention it... I bet those Sithy robes would look good on me."

"You better hope we don't run into any Dark Jedi while we're here. They say Dark Jedi interrogation techniques are especially brutal. I've heard the Force can do terrible things to a mind. It can destroy your will and wipe away your very identity."

"You're squadron must have loved your constant sunny disposition," Venar said sarcastically.

"Yeah well you haven't seen what I've seen."

"Story time?" Venar said as he poured himself and Carth a glass of Tarisian ale he had also stolen from the party. Carth passed Venar a bantha burger as he sat down and took a sip of his drink.

"Oh no you're not going get me to talk that easy," Carth said before taking a bite of his burger.

"Well I just figured that if we're going to be working together we might as well get to know each other."

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