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Pen Your Pride

This is ma first Wattpad story!

Hope you likes it! (pic of Avery on the side)


~I Refuse~

Chapter 1

Who knew that my birthday would be the worst day of my life?

Well, my parents since the day of my birth.

The guards burst through our door right when the clock st-ricked 8 o'clock A.M.  I straightened my shirt, trying to present myself as small and innocent. That was what the auctioneer's were looking for.

They pulled me from my chair, my sister lunging and wrapping her frail arms around my ankles. She being the second child, did not get to be auctioned. Only the first born were sent to be sold at the town square.

My parents grabbed Lilly and tried pulling her off. Tears ran down her face. There was no way of telling if I would be chosen to be auctioned. But there is always that one of a hundred percent. My mom was able to successfully pull her off me. Lilly tried throwing herself onto me. The guards yanked me back and pulled me through the door, before I could even say, "I love you!"

The tallest of the two, shoved me into the back of the car. The car looked exactly like a moving van, carrying girls of the age of sixteen. Me one of them.

I stumbled in, nearly falling on my face.

I threw a scowl over my shoulder. Only to get a smirk in reply.

The kingdom's workers were not the nicest people. Actually, they were feared. One step out of line and you were dead. I mean, you were taken to the Castle for questioning. But if you said one wrong answer, you were dead.

I sighed and walked over to the uncomfortable bench slash chair. I sat, carefully. who knew how many germs were on that thing.

All the other girls, ten in all, had their heads bent. Praying. I mentally snorted. I did believe in god, but I was not going to pray. It was hopeless anyways.

The girl next to me leaned towards me and whispered, "Twenty bucks the one in the mint-skirt will get picked first."

I bit my lip to keep from laughing. I glanced towards the girl she was talking about and saw not a girl, but a slut. She was wearing a short jean mini skirt with a belly shirt. She was obviously going for a sex slave. Most Sex Slaves were sold first.

I leaned towards the girl who had whispered and said, "Bet you ten the girl in the dress won't get picked at all."

She held out her hand and said, "Your on."

I shook it, still grinning. "I'm Avery, by the way."

She smiled. "Lisa."

I sighed, my face going green as the moving truck hit a large bump. I was prone to car sickness. I leaned back and counted to ten. Just as Mom had instructed.

" So what kind are you goin' for?" Lisa whispered. She eyed me up and down. I was not going for a Sex Slave, I'll tell you that. I was wearing a pair of jeans that wear tight at the top but cropped out at the bottom. I was also wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt, My converse matching it. I was dressed as if it were any other day. But today was auction day. Not a normal day.

I bet your wondering what the heck is a sex slave yada yada yada. To tell you that I have to start from the beginning.

Well you know how everyone says that the future would be full of new electronics and world peace, and it did, for one year. In 2015 all was granted to the public, new electronics, new laws, and a guarentee of peace throughout the entire world. But in 2016, other countries began to get....jealous. They started a war that lasted three whole years. But when it did end, most of the U.S. was destroyed. Everyone in North America was brought back to square one. By square one I mean, kingdoms, queens, kings, etc. We still had the clothing like jeans and party dresses. BUt we had no real technology.

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