Drunk In Love

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Even after dinner no one seemed to know where Phil and Willow were, but I'm not worried. Wherever they are they're together that's for sure.
I can't help worry about the upcoming fight, I need to begin training tomorrow. Thankfully I had a month to prepare ( I checked the calendar) both mentally and physically for what was sure to be one of the most important nights of my life.

My phone buzzed in my pocket: a text with Ashton's name popped up.

"Greetings and salutations fellow leader of wolves"

"Are you feeling alright?"

"Never better my fair lady."

"You're acting weird..."

"Me act weird?! Never."

"Are you drunk?"

"Drunk in love"

"Oh you visited your mate?"

"Mhmm..... and guess what!"



"Your mate is actually the daughter of a mermaid and a warlock so she can bend water to her every whim while swimming faster the the speed of light?"

"What? No..."

"Then tell me!"

"She's agreed to become my Luna! I'm introducing her to the pack tomorrow evening!!!"

My heart sunk to the floor. He had a mate, a Luna. He had eternal love. I had no chance with him I never had had one.

"Wow, congrats! You'll have to introduce us sometime."

"Well... that's the thing..."

"You don't want us to meet?"

"I do, it's just... well I don't think you two would get along."

"Don't you think we should be the ones to decide that?"

No response.
Maybe I was to harsh, after all it would hurt pack relations if his Luna and I disliked each other. Because of their mate bond Ashton would probably do anything to please her even if it meant withdrawing his support, which would definitely harm our case with the Elders.
Sighing I got up and made my way to my room, maybe a nice bubble bath and some music would help me and my broken heart deal with real life.
I am Alpha. I am supposed to be strong, fearless, but in reality I feel like a scared little girl who wants nothing more then to have her rock her gently telling her all will be well, as she cries her heart out.
Silently reminding myself I am a grown woman and I'm on my own. I turn the nob. Letting it run, I return to my room to pick up my sweats, tank top and slippers before returning to check the temperature.
Hot, melting your eyes hot, but still to hot for my liking. After adjusting the water I sat on the lid of the toilet while playing on my phone, until I was sure the tub was full enough I stripped and sunk beneath the bubbles. Popping my earbuds in I begin to drown out my pain.


Training was intense, I'd never realized how out of shape I really was until I was attempting to do a push-up (just one) and fell on my face. Literally. Why, Moon? Why?

"Jennifer!" Looking up I spot Willow jogging over.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't think I'm about to be slapped, but I forced I smile and stood still waiting for her.

"Phil told my everything. I can't say I forgive you or I liked the method you used, but thank you!" She pulls me into a bone crushing hug. "For everything."

Pulling away I see tears glistening in her eyes, "I never thought I would meet my mate, after I became a rogue, but you changed that. I'm so happy!" She smiles and for the first time since I've met her, she looks as if she hasn't a care in the world. As if ever burden was suddenly lifted off of her.

"Can you ever forgive me for tricking you in such a cruel manner?"

She sighs before nodding, "It might take a while, but I thin- know I will."

Just then Phil walks up, silently he stalks up, before lifting her up and twirling her around by her waist. Their laughter rings out around the training grounds, as he sets her down gently before turning her around and staring into her eyes, both blushing slightly.
Ahh nothing like being a third wheel.
Awkwardly shifting my weigh from one foot to the other before making some excuse about needing to change clothes I leave the two to their staring, and head into the pack house.
Immediately the two little ladies latch themselves to my ankles, nearly causing me to fall. Thank the moon for walls!

"Mama Llama!"

"Hi Racheal, do you think you could let me go?"

She shook her head, grinning like a maniac. "Never!"

"Come on, Laughy Taffy, I have to change chlothes. I smell like blue cheese left in a glass jar on a hot summers day and then opened, disgusting!"

Pouting she releases her grip and pulls Bella off as well, "Okay fine, but can we play on your phone?!"

Shrugging I had it to them, "sure but if someone rings me bring the phone up, okay?"

They agree hastily, before grabbing my phone and running off. Shaking my head slightly at their silliness I continue on my way to shower and change. After changing into more appropriate clothes I work on some paperwork, in my office. Being an Alpha can be boring, with the paperwork and long speeches at ceremonies. But then sometimes there's to much excitement.
Without warning Katie busts in, "Alpha, we have visitors, they call themselves the 'Lost and Found'." Her words weren't necessarily unusual, we often had rogues visit us, sometimes entire packs, but her face was showing what her words didn't. Fear. Whoever these weres were they must not have come peacefully.
Just what I need! Not.
Nodding I got up and followed her to the boarder where a rather large group some in wolf form and others in human stood glaring at my boarder patrol, who were returning it with just as much vigor.

"Please state your business."


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