[23] warm vanilla & shea butter scents

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i talk about a shower—bath duo in this chapter & in case a couple of you were confused about my description, i was pretty much trying to describe this,

i talk about a shower—bath duo in this chapter & in case a couple of you were confused about my description, i was pretty much trying to describe this,

it's literally a shower—bath thingy.

anyway, i just wanted to make sure people understood what i mean by "shower—bath" and now you know!!
congrats,,,, now carry on and enjoy reading (this chapter that was meant to come out yesterday but i fell asleep and forgot, whoops :| ) !!

taehyung focus
"c'mon everyone — breakfast's ready! rise and shine!" taehyung's awoken to sharp bangs on his room door and the shrill voice of someone outside, probably the voice of granny yoo's younger sister and the owner of the b&b.

he yawns, blinks and lies in bed for a couple of minutes, half-heartedly mustering the will to get up (c'mon tae, it's another day you've got to get through in order to stay alive. and who knows, maybe today'll be the day you'll come up with a good as fuck escape plan and leave jeon to handle korea's entire police force?). and eventually with another yawn, taehyung sits up in bed and stretches his limbs. he surveys the room, looking for any signs of jungkook but he can't find the boy anywhere. he's not sleeping on the cramped couch and he's not in the balcony smoking his cigarettes; so he must've left to go somewhere, taehyung concludes as he rubs the sleep out of his eyes.

thank god, i don't wanna see him after what happened last night, taehyung thinks, shuddering as he remembers the strange feeling of jungkook's arms wrapped around his waist.

shaking his head and pushing any thoughts of jungkook out of his mind, taehyung scratches his head and slides off the bed, gingerly landing on his left foot to see the condition of his swollen ankle. the swelling and the bruising's gone down considerably, thanks to the ice pack and the hours of rest he received so he can manage walking with a limp.
he limps now over to the bathroom door and tugs the door open, careful not to yank the door into his chest and knock himself out or something like that (because knowing taehyung. . .).

the older wants to cry with relief when he spots the state of the bathroom; there are no stains on the toilet seat or dodgy looking puddles on the floor, the walls aren't covered in green grey mould and there aren't cigarettes butts littering the area where the bin sits. he's thankful for granny yoo's suggestion of a bed & breakfast because unlike the motel bathrooms he's been forced to use ever since he got kidnapped, the room is sparkling white and clean; the floor and toilet seat look useable and the walls are painted a nice shade of periwinkle blue. the only thing littering the tiled floor is a soft looking bath mat which taehyung relishes under his feet, wriggling his toes into the individual strands and enjoying the softness.

he sighs happily when he spots the shower — maybe jeon'll let me take a shower? taehyung thinks as he catches sight of himself in the bathroom mirror, crinkling his nose in disgust at the dirt smeared shirt he dons and the salty scent of sweat that lingers around his upper body.
he pads over to the shower, eager to strip and stand under warm water and cleanse the odour that surrounds him with the b&b's complimentary body washes and shampoos.
but confusion strikes him when he notices the bath directly under the shower; what's this? is this a shower–bath thing? shath? bower? why's a shower head directly over a bath? taehyung frowns, standing back a little to eye the shower bath duo. is it so you can sit down whilst showering? he wonders, perplexed.

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