Battle of the Sexes: Part 1

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A/N: Hiya! Okies, dokies. I've been struggling with writer's block for a while but I'm getting ideas, not the best ideas, but ideas. Enjoy.


"So, I've been thinking—" Cato starts.

"You scare me when you think," I joke, laughing.

"I've been—" He opens his locker and Johanna sprays him with a can of silly string.

"Ha! Ha!" She laughs. "Prank war, baby!" She jumps out, running down the hall.

"I see the annual, battle of the sexes prank war is still in tact." He wipes his face.

"Yep." I smile. "I can't wait to beat your ass this year."

"Oh, it's on." He smirks.

"May the best sex win." I smirk back.


"Shh," Johanna shushes as we walk in on the guys hanging out the lunchroom.

She throws a fake spider in Gale's food and they all jump, Marvel screams. We laugh. Point: girls.

This is going to be fun, I think as the guys boil with anger.

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