The Pool Party - Jey Uso

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A/N: This one is also for @LittleSmurf11! Happy late birthday again :) Hope you like this one! :)

 “Come on! Please? Who could pass up a pool party?” Naomi begged me.

 I was feeling slightly under the weather, and movies and chocolates in bed sounded a lot better than a party right now.

 “You know what you need to feel better?” She said with a big smile, and I asked her, even though I knew what was coming. “Barbeque, swimming, and shirtless, hot men! Doesn’t that sound like a great antidote? Come on. Please?”

“Fine!” I gave in, letting a smile ease onto my face.

 “Yay! Go pack up and change! I’ll be back after I do the same.” She said excitedly before disappearing around the door.

 I sighed and plopped on my bed. I closed my eyes for a moment and stayed there, wondering if I would regret my decision. When I finally pulled myself out of the bed, I went into the bathroom to pick a bathing suit. When I found the one I liked the most, I slipped it on. I slipped a tank top and shorts over it, grabbed flip flops and packed a beach bag.

 I headed over to the other side of the hall and waited. When she appeared, she looped her arm through mine in excitement and we walked out to the pool place across the highway.


 When we entered the gate and walked towards the pool, the atmosphere of the party was amazing. Balloons were set up at almost every table, everyone was walking and conversing and some were sitting in the pool. The divas wore bikinis that looked as if they were made from designer brands and the men had Hawaiian swimming trunks on. People such as John Cena, and The Bellas greeted me as they walked by.

 The next faces that appeared were The Uso Twins. Jimmy approached Naomi first and kissed her on the lips. Jey and I watched them with smiles. “Alright you two.” Jey joked, making Naomi hit him on the arm lightly.

 Jimmy hugged me next and smiled his greeting. Naomi hugged Jey, but then that was the end of the greetings. Jey and I didn’t know each other very well, so we just smiled at each other a little. We looked away from each other and blushed slightly due to how shy we both were.

We all walked over to a small table, but we noticed that Jey disappeared.

 “Where did Jey go?” Naomi asked with a confused face.

 We looked around until we spotted him sitting in the shallow end of the pool. We shrugged it off, noticing he was alone, but figured he just wanted to swim.

 We started to talk, when we noticed Jey sitting alone at a table nearby. He waved at us.

 “He looks really lonely, Zariah.” Naomi told me with a slight smile.

 “Yeah.” I said with guilt as I looked at him again.

 “You should talk to him.” Jimmy said with the same, suspicious smile on his face.

 “Well, I don’t know what I would say. I’m shy.” I said with a blush as I tried to avoid they’re eye contact.

 “You’ll be fine. Just go.” He told me, waving me towards the table nearby.

 “Fine. I hope you’re right.” I said, rolling my eyes as I felt another blush spread across my cheeks.

 I approached his table with caution, wishing I could escape this situation. He noticed me and smiled.

 “You wanted to come hang out with Jey, huh?” He joked, leaning back with a smile that looked so handsome.