Chapter Five: Secret Weapon

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I rushed him, dealing a series of rapid blows to his face. With one final kick to his gut, I sent him flying into a nearby boulder. He pried himself off, and looked at me with a puzzled yet satisfied expression.

“Now, where was that a couple of minutes ago?”, he asked me. “I would've been having so much more fun if you were fighting like that!”

“I'm not doing this for your amusement!” I retorted. “I can tell that you're not using your full power. If you were, I would've been injured more severely than a cut lip and a couple of bruises!”

“How clever of you, girl. You want me to use it? It's your funeral if I do.”

“I want this to end quickly, because I have better things to do. So, the sooner I defeat you, the better.”

“Oh, look at how confident you are! It's adorable! Fine then, but you asked for this!”

“Less talk, more do!”

With annoyed look, he braced himself, and let out a loud yell. Almost immediately, his power increased immensely. I was bewildered by the increase, but knew I still had him beat.

“Alright. Your turn. Show me what you've been hiding!” he demanded.

“Fine”, I responded.

I then braced myself and concentrated hard. I let out a loud yell, still concentrating on releasing my power barriers. Once I had felt all of them release, I went past my limits, and transformed into a Super Saiyan 2, with a multiplicative power increase of 100. I turned to look at my opponent, and saw the confusion on his face.

“Your power… it's… insane”, he stammered. “There’s no way that's a normal Super Saiyan power increase! What did you do?!”

“If you don't know already, I'm not going to tell you”, I replied. “I'll let you figure it out yourself.”

“I guess I'm going to have to make you tell me!”

With that, he lunged at me, swinging at me rapidly. With my speed, however, he missed every single punch. With every attack he threw, I swiftly dodged it. He wasn't able to land a single blow on me. Frustrated, he launched into the air, powered up, and charged ki in his hands. He yelled, “Blast Bomber!”, and fired a huge blue ki blast at me. With ease, I batted it away. A loud boom sounded as it exploded in the distance.

“Take this!” he yelled. “Shrapnel Bomber!”

He then charged more ki in his hands, and launched a rain of small blue ki blasts. “Let's see you deflect these!” he exclaimed confidently.

As he requested, I charged my ki, and released it in the form of a ki barrier. One by one, each blast hit the barrier and exploded. My barrier deflected every single one. At that moment, my opponent charged through the smoke caused by the blasts, yelled, “Strike Bomber!” and landed a punch to my face, causing a loud explosion. After the smoke cleared, he was puzzled to see that I hadn't even felt his attack. I grabbed his arm and flung him away several feet. A loud thud sounded as he hit the ground.

“Are you done?” I asked him tauntingly.

“Don't you mock me yet!” he retorted, rising from the dirt. “This next attack will finish you for sure!”

He began charging ki in his hands, the light getting bigger and brighter every minute.

“Super Blast Bomber!!!” he bellowed as he launched a huge blue ki blast at me.

With ease, I batted the attack back into the sky, nearly hitting him with it. I summoned ki energy into my finger and fired a beam at the blast, causing it to detonate and fill the sky with a bright flash of light.

“H-how?!” he stammered in his confusion. “None of my attacks… even phased you.”

“Nope!” I responded confidently. “My turn now!”

With that, I vanished and reappeared in front of him to land a hard punch to his stomach, sending him flying. As he raced away, I charged a ki blast in my hands, yelled “Fury Breaker!” and fired a huge red ki blast at him, causing a huge explosion. As the smoke cleared and the light faded, I saw him struggle to his feet, holding his gut with one hand, and cough up blood. His hair went from golden to black, his eyes green to black, as his Super Saiyan form left him. I walked towards him and stopped.

“You've lost this fight. Go back to wherever you came from and seek medical attention”, I advised him. “I'm leaving as well, and I'm taking the Namekian with me.”

With that, I walked over to my pod, set the coordinates of my ship into the navigator, and lifted off. As I ascended, I watched Kaisa sitting where I left him, wallowing in his defeat. It's his own fault for challenging me at my full power, I thought to myself.

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