Chapter Four: External Affairs

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She looked at me with the most quizzical expression I had ever seen in my life.

“Well? Do you accept my challenge, or not?” I asked.

“Why would I do such a thing now, of all times?!” she replied. “I have work to get to, so no, I don't accept!”

“So you are to be called a coward, instead of a fighter? I thought you were a Saiyan!”

I gave a small smirk as the words hung in the air between us. There was no possibility she would accept being called a coward. Saiyan blood flows through her, same as I.

“Fine”, she relented. “I have a little bit of time. Enough to make you eat your words, at least!”

“Good. Wherever you want to fight, it makes no difference to me…”

I chuckled a little. Finally, I may be able to have a proper challenge.

“There's a wide open field right outside this city. We’ll fight there, away from innocent lives”, she said as she flew off.

I scoffed and flew after the Saiyan girl. I cared not to know her name. Her power would say who she is, not her name. We landed in the open field, and I crossed my arms. The wind blew all around, shaking a few trees.

“Well? I’m waiting…”

“You want full power? I'll show you full power!” she yelled as she transformed into a Super Saiyan.


I yelled loudly as I transformed into the golden state that is Super Saiyan.

“Come at me…”

“Alright then, but I will remind you that you asked for this beating!” she yelled.

I smirked, and disappeared. I observed her looking to the left, then to the right.

As I sped around her, I yelled, “You should fight more than talk!”

She had no idea where I was. Delightful. I reappeared behind her, and kicked her in the back of the head, sending her flying into a boulder. She almost hit her head when she disappeared, then reappeared in front of me. Heated close combat began: she and I threw what seemed like a flurry of punches at each other. I punched her a few times in the gut, then in the face again, sending her flying across the field. I disappeared, then reappeared behind her to grab her by the back of her neck.

I chuckled as I squeezed. “This is delightful. I haven’t fought a female Saiyan before. Not that it makes a difference to me.”

I saw blood dripping from the side of her lip, and I laughed. She then grabbed my tail, and squeezed.

What is she thinking? I wondered. Doesn’t she know that elites know how to overcome that weakness?

I kicked her in the back, sending her about fifteen feet away from me, before she stopped in midair, and turned to face me.

“I’m surprised that you would think to try that tactic against the elite. Although, I shouldn’t be surprised. You know very well that Saiyans have a weakness in their tails. Once grabbed, the Saiyan is paralyzed. However, I know whether that would work on a Saiyan or not.”

I then lunged toward her, and grabbed her tail before she could punch me.

“And it works on you…”

I chuckled as she came to the realization that she couldn’t move. She trembled, and I readied a ki blast to be fired at her face.

“Sorry, but this is where it ends for you.”

She then put all of her strength left into one punch. She hit me in the cheek. It stung a little bit. I felt a warm liquid dripping from the side of my lip. I wiped it off with my glove and looked at it.

“So… this is what my blood looks like…”

This is the first time I have actually bled, I thought to myself. Whomever this Saiyan girl is, she’s fought before.

I smirked again.

Good… At least she will entertain me for the time being.

“Interesting… it seems that you have made me, a Saiyan more powerful than Prince Vegeta himself, bleed.” I chuckled, then laughed loudly. My voice echoed throughout the entire area.

She chose her scenery well. No living thing in sight.

“Quite impressive! You should be proud! I never thought I had to turn into a Super Saiyan. Not until I saw you turn into the very same form against that Namekian. It’s a shame too. I really was looking forward to chatting with him. But instead,  you had to screw it up by taking him to god-knows-where.”

I may just destroy the planet after I’m done with this nuisance, I thought to myself. Unless, by some miracle I find the Dragon Balls here. If I don’t... Namek…

I turned to the side, and looked at her from the corner of my eye.

“Well? Come at me then. I’m not as patient as I may seem, and I’m done screwing around.”

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