The Boys Are Back

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You blink. Looking at the sky above you in confusion. You could have sworn you were bleeding out a few seconds ago with Luffy crying above you. Sitting up, you squeak in shock when you see that your hand is slightly transparent. A soft chuckle from behind you makes you tilt your head, a tall purple haired woman stood behind you leaning against a tree with a smirk.

"What? Forget that you died?" She laughs. You frown at the woman shaking your head. "Good good. So I don't have to go through all that nonsense." She moves towards you, pulling a large scythe from the air in front of her and leans on it. A list appears in her hands and she scans over it. "Alright. _______ looks like you are going to...purgatory." She smiles rolling the list back up and tossing it in the air where it disappears into a puff of smoke.

"No. That's not right. I'm bound for hell." You say in confusion.

"Yes, sweetie. That's very true I can see it all over you. But you see, hell is getting suuuper overcrowded. So the big boss told me to take you to purgatory."

"Wait no no no. Ummm...what's your name?" The purple haired woman looks up in amusement, leaning her chin on the top of her scythe that was now embedded in the dirt.

"Mira. And no amount of pleading will change my mind love." She says taking the scythe in her hand. You stand, stumbling backward, making the woman's smirk turn to a wicked grin. "Oh, a runner. How fun." You turn, running as quickly as you could to escape the reaper.

Luffy walks in silence along the sidewalk back to ______'s home. He had left a few seconds before an ambulance arrived, not wanting to stick around to watch them take her body. Pulling his phone from his pocket, he stares at the screen before dialing Shanks number, his hands shaking as it rings. Once the redhead picks up, he chokes, tears once again starting to pour down his cheeks. "Shanks. ________ is dead...."

"... What..?" Shanks asks in shock.

"She...we...I...." Luffy squeezes his phone. "We were walking around in the park in her hometown and some guy grabbed her. He ended up shooting her. I couldn't save her I didn't know what to do. He soul was already ours..." He cries. "I'm so sorry....this is all my fault..."

"Luffy calm down. Meet me in the house." Shanks tells him calmly. "It'll be okay. This isn't the end." Luffy wipes his face with his arm.

"O-okay. I'll be there soon." He mumbles, hanging up the phone and stuffing it back in his pocket as he makes his way to the house. Shanks frowns lightly, checking the numbers on the screen.

"This... Could be a problem..." He sighs before deciding to contact Mihawk. Mihawk glares at his ringing phone, picking it up and sighing when he sees the name on the screen. "Yes, red hair. How can I help you today?"

"We have a problem... ___'s dead... And if you've seen our count..." He trails off glancing at the numbers again and sighing. Of course, the raven haired demon would know the problem.

"She will go to purgatory." Mihawk frowns. "I never thought this would happen so soon..." He stands from his chair, finding Zoro behind him, who, from the look on his face had heard what Shanks had said. "I assume we are all meeting somewhere to come up with a plan to get her before a reaper does?"

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