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Close to Athena's wolf.


That was it. I saw red. I wanted blood. I started to feel hot all over. My vision not becoming clear, nor my thoughts. Every inch of skin felt like it was on fire.  Falling to my knees screaming I looked up seeing the wolves staring at me in terror.

And that's when it happened. I felt and heard my bones breaking.

Looking through watery eyes I look down at myself seeing I'm on all fours and white hair sprouting on my arms. The more I feel bones brake, the more I see white fur.

Finally the pain was slowly fading away. I stood up wobbling a little bit looking down at my paws. Wait....paws?".


I heard a voice whisper, looking up I see my mom looking at me wide eyed. Looking closer I see her in a puddle of blood....Her blood. Anger was what I felt all over again, then realizing who caused it. Suddenly I felt as if I was being pushed out my body.. watching.

Getting in a stance I felt something vibrate from the pit of my stomach to my chest, pulling back my ears I let out a loud terrifying growl just before lunging at the rogue that clawed my mom.

After snapping a rogues neck I stand up straight looking around seeing pack members chase rogues off the territory. Walking over to a huge brown wolf I mind-linked him.

'Are they all off the territory, dad?'

He snapped his big wolf head towards me

'Most of them are...just a couple more are still left'.

He responded in deep thought. After a little while he looked at me with wide eyes.

'What, what is it', I was confused now.

He didn't respond, he just turned around running away from the border line to the pack house. Following after him, a sandy colored wolf pulled up to the side of mom, along with the rest of the pack members following behind me.

'There are rogues at the pack house, attacking just outside of it', My dad's voice rang through the mind-link. Fear started to settle and my heart rate picked up for Athena's safety.

'Where's Athena!'. I shouted in the mind-link.

No response.

Pushing my legs to go faster I passed up my mom's and dad's wolfs only thinking about Athena.

Half way to the pack house I heard a scream in pain that made my wolf whimper.

'That's our mate'. Ace growled out.

'Dad!'. I shouted through the mink-link.

'I know son I heard it to, hurry and get to her'. And with that I ran faster than I ever did before.

Pushing pass trees, with the pack catching up to me, we neared the pack house only a little further. Almost reaching the edge of the trees seeing the graveled ground to the pack house.

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