Chapter Thirty Two

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"He took me by my hand and enabled me to stand. I'm so glad, so glad that he gave me one more chance..." Ricky Dillard


I walked along the gate of the basketball court trying to spot him for the first time today. For the past week we'd been eyeing each other and this tall chocolate boy was definitely a sight for sore eyes. We'd come across each other quite a few times outside of the community center but either of us spoke. I chalked it up to us both being nervous and not really knowing what to say.

Rolling my eyes I started to walk away, because clearly he wasn't here so I found no use in sticking around to see a ghost.

"You looking for me?" His voice, finally up close and personal sent a shiver down my spine and caused me to stop in my tracks. I turned around to see him standing there, his medium brown skin glistening under the sun as he wiped away a couple beads of sweat from his forehead with a basketball tucked beneath his arm. He approached me offering me his hand to shake and I happily accepted it.

"So is there anything else that I can call you besides beautiful?" I blushed a little while retrieving my hand from his hold, "Jelissa."

He flashed a smile that I could simply melt over, "It's good to finally meet you Jelissa, I'm Mason." I raised an eyebrow, "Oh I know who you are. You hoop pretty well." He chuckled as we started walking slowly near the park entrance. "Yeah, you know that's my thing. I've seen you around you think maybe I could get your number? You seem really cool, maybe we could link up some time."

"Maybe we could." After exchanging numbers, Mason and I went our separate ways. But from that day forward we spent everyday for the next month together just learning about each other. We felt like kindred spirits. Life had been missing something until I met Mason and this new adventure he wanted to take with me seemed too exciting to want to miss out on.

I was shaken out of my sleep and I looked around the living room frazzled as Emone stood over me. "Girl I know you did not sleep all afternoon, you had homework to do." I wiped the corner of my mouth as I sat up and Emone placed her laptop back on the coffee table, "I just dozed off for a little minute. How was Sunshine Band rehearsal MyMy?" I questioned and she turned around looking at me with a smile.

"I gotta lead! Like you and Mone. You gotta come here it!"

"Aw that's good," I turned my attention back to my best friend, "I think I want to call August but I don't know what to say." She sighed, "Have you decided whether or not you're gonna take the pill yet?" I nodded, "I want to take it tonight." Emone shrugged, "Well just call him. And invite him to church."

I gave her a side eye because I felt like she was being smart, "August is not gonna go to church." Emone kissed her teeth, "Didn't he say he used to go with his mom in New Orleans? Just invite him so you have some company while I do praise and worship because we both know you are not going to get up and sing."

"You got that right," I picked up my phone and dialed August and he answered immediately, "Oh you done ignoring me now?" He questioned sounding slightly irritated and I sighed, "I didn't know what to say to you..." I admitted. "You could have said just that."

There was a moment of awkward silence before I spoke up again, "I guess I'm sorry August..." he started laughing, "Damn you so mean you don't even know how to apologize. It's cool Jelly. Did you pick up one of them pills?" I nodded as if he could see me, "Yeah I got it. I'm gonna take it tonight. But anyway I called to ask would you like to go to church with me and Emone in the morning?"

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