African Love-Chapter 2

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Here it is Chapter Two. Do you think Tristan will talk to Leylani? Keep reading to find out!

Chapter 2

After we ate I went to grab my suite case from the hall and went into my new room. Which was right next to Tristan. Of course. And we had to share a bathroom!. I really hope he doesn't become a problem. I started to unpack when Sarah came in and offered to help.

"Hey, can I ask you a question?"


"Was it scary to know you were going to move out of the country?"

"Well no not exactly, I was scared because I knew that I was going to leave all of my friends behind and all the people that I loved"

"Oh, well I hope you will like me someday!" she said with excitement.

"Yea, I think I already have!"

"Really!, cool well I'll see you around"


When she left I felt like I did something good. I noticed that I had a calendar on my new desk.

Monday-School, Speech school

Tuesday-School, Speech school

Wednesday-School, Speech school

Thursday-School, Speech school

Friday-School, Speech school

It looked like I was booked the whole entire week. Saturday and Sunday were my only free times to do whatever I wanted. While I was checking my calendar Jeffry came and said that Valarie wanted to talk to me. I went downstairs and sat on the very comfy couch.

"Hey, You doing okay so far, don't mind Tristan again he can be a little mean sometimes".

A lot of times.

"It's okay, I'm doing well so far but If I may ask what is a mall?"

"Oh honey come on I'll take you!" she said excitedly.

We went to the mall with Jeffery's car because Tristan took Valarie's car. When we pulled up it just looked like a big Macy's but when we entered Macy's it was like heaven, there were so many cute clothes and accessories. We then kept walking til we hit a huge area that was I think the mall because there were tons of little stores. We went into Forever 21 and I got some new clothes for school because the clothes I was wearing looked out of date her. We then went to Champs and I got some new shoes probably three of four pairs.

I decided that I wanted to change the way I dressed because I have to say even if I were in Africa I didn't want to go out in public because of the stuff I wore. Valarie literally bought me a whole new wardrobe and I thanked her for it. I didn't know what the Brown's family did to get so much money but I was thankful they didn't go saying that they are better than everybody else.

"I have a surprise for you"

"Cool, what is it?"

She handed me a phone a nice phone. An IPhone

"What's this for?"

"In case you need to call or text me, or get in touch with some friend you'll make at your new school you put our phone numbers in and you can do whatever you want".


"Your welcome I already put in the whole family's numbers and the emergency numbers as well"

"Thanks, really I appreciate what you are doing for me. I want to say thanks"

"Your welcome sweet heart, you're part of our family now so we will treat you like one"

We went home with bags of clothes and us girls emptied out my closets and put all my new clothes in. I was so happy. We then went to play some video games downstairs in the basement. We didn't even realize that Tristan had come home from his job. I think I have to get a job to. He came in and went straight to his room. We had dinner and Tristan came and sat down next to Sarah which I sat across from. Thanks Sarah, she knew that was going to happen. We ate for a little while in silence.

"So, How was eveyone's day" Jeffry asked

"I didn't really do anything fun" Jake said

"What about you Sarah?"

"Well I helped Leylani unpack then repack, and unpack her new stuff in her room and that's all"

"What about you Tristan?"

"...." He kept starring at me like a little kid

"Tristan! stop intimidating Leylani!" Valarie said angrily

"I'm not I'm just waiting to here what she has to say"

"Jeffery never axed me what I did today did you Jeffry?"

"No I didn't , What did you do today Leylani?"

"It's asked, not axed! don't they teach you English before you come barging into someone's life!" He left

"......." not knowing what to say I just sat there

"I'm sorry I don't know what's gotten into him" Valarie said

"Tristan!" Jeffry screamed getting up from his chair and going after him

"Hey, look on the bright side you don't even have to see him half the day!" Jake said

"I do, I share a bathroom with him"


"Yea" I put my head down on the table

"Awe it's OK" Valarie said rubbing my back gently

"I think I'll go to bed now, goodnight!" I smiled and went to my room

"Night!" everyone said

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