The King As Prof?! Angela's True Face

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Mikayuki's POV

Well... Hello guys...!

Not my usual self? Yeah right... look at what Evan gave me....

I stared at the mansion in front of me with my friends while gaping at how big it is.

The mansion was like a small scale castle. There were also garden, artificial pond, gazebo, and then a small fountain

Damn... it's even bigger than my old house in the Elicia's.

"I bought you this. Although, it's small, it can fulfill your everyday needs."


"Thanks" I said absent-mindedly while still shocked by what he gave me. Though... I'm still wondering-Kappa....

"Nee, are we friends yet?? Is this a parting gift? Are you gonna leave???" I asked. Evan coughed a few times before replying; "Yes... we are.... (Though....), Although, I'm not leaving anytime soon. This is a sign of our friendship."

Phew! I thought he was going to reject! After three weeks of living with Evan, I somehow feel that... He is a nice person. And an awkward one at that.

He's like a big bro to me~

(A/N : Bakayuki!!! You idiot! Look at Evan's sad face dammit!!!
E : I'm not sad... just.... normal
A : Your face says otherwise....
E : Shut up or I'll kill you
A : Hey, I created you!!! *Got sliced by all those mana strings*)

Evan didn't stay long. Since I need to study to catch up on everything in Riveria. He said that tomorrow, there will be a special surprise....

I wonder what it is....

As we explored our new house, we also discuss on how to earn money for a living....

"So, should we work overtime??" Angela asked as she poured me a cup of tea. Tsukasa and Sora wanted to agree but a word from me says otherwise


"Why? We need something for a living you know. Evan helped us big time and fortunately we had some cash on us left for a year but we don't know if it'll even last till then. Not to mention that there is the element of surprise!"

I wanted to help them somehow... but how?? I'm only smart at technology and programming. If only there was....

Oh yeah!! Right~~ If there's magic... there's also something called... Invention! But... I'm too lazy to invent something....

Everyone~ Give me Ideas!! Kidding. Now, speaking of invention....

If I remember correctly... there's this guy named Chu Xinfeng, a professor who stayed somewhere in the school.... he is a genius prodigy that came every 1000 years.... In the game

I dunno-Kappa! After all, he's a Capture Target! Other than Tristan, Mordred, Sirius, Lucas, Lance, Chu Xinfeng and Canhel, I don't know much about the other targets.

Besides, I haven't 'Completely' finished the game

"Guys, how about we create something with magical attribute???" I suggested. "Ah, I know how to knit but...."

"But...??" Angela bit her lower lips and replied "My magic control is still awful!" She replied with disappointment. "Fine... let's talk about this tomorrow!" I dismissed the meeting.

Before I even walked away, Angela called me and told me to go outside. "What is it??" I asked. "Um... about my parents...."

"Oh yeah! You're worried about her huh...?" Actually, I've been thinking about the promise I made....

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