Practice Round

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A pair of eyes shone from the shadows as the demon watched his prey from the tree, grinning at the opportunity to practice his skills for the next kill. He eyed the black bear, watching it rip a grown buck to shreds before moseying on down the path towards its den.

He leapt from the tree down to a shorter limb, his light footwork earning him a tight purchase on the oak's bark.

The demon pulled out his dagger, the cold metal welcoming to his touch. He loved how the blade's handle fit perfectly in his palm, as if it was made for him.

He looked back down at the bear and grinned, pushing off the tree and front-flipping onto the bear's back, burying the blade in the bear's neck and severing it's throat. The bear roared, standing up and clawing at it's back while the demon leapt over him, landing in front of it and ramming his blade in the bear's heart. The growling monster tore the dagger out and gouged the poor bear's eyes out, making it cry out in pain. As the bear swiped its paw across and nicked the demon's hand, he leapt back and let it fall to its paws before landing his last blow to the back of the mammal's skull.

The beast roared it's last roar and fell, the crash of the fall resounding through the woods and making the demon cringe.

He stood normally, proud of his kill.

After he wiped off the dagger on the bear's fur and tied the bear with rope, he left to get his truck. He backed it to the bear and loaded the bear onto the back, not letting the meat and fur go to waste.

He hopped into the black Toyota, starting the silent vehicle and driving to his house in the mountains, five minutes from where the kill was.

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