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Alexandra Lestrange, daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange isn't the normal heroine in a fairytale book. Except her life isn't a fairytale. 

She's fatherless, or that's what mother says whenever Alexandra asks about her father. "You're a fatherless future, Alex." But, nothing stops Alexandra from wondering about her father.

And there's nothing that could change her, from turning into the crazy-like worshipper of Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange. But when Alexandria discovers a portrait album full of drawings and sketches of her mother when she was young, Alexandria realizes, that Bellatrix was beautiful, and kind back then. 

And she also finds out who her father was and became. Also, with the enemy of Alexandra, Adeline Riddle threatening for Alexandra to become a death eater, makes everything worse. 

When Alexandra confesses her love to a blood traitor, and stands up to her mother about muggle ways, she needs to decide where her loyalty lies, with her love or with her family.


Okay my little witches and wizards. Please comment down below! 'cause, I'm kinda depressed, because I was writing the first chapter of this, when I suddenly lost it. And I had a lot of good plot twists, descriptions, and the whole good stuff in it. So to get my spirits up, I'm relyin, on your reading and inspiration magic, to post things in the comments, vote and add Alexandra Lestrange to your reading lists!

Thank you to inhalingsarcasm for the beautiful covers. I will be alternating them every other chapter!

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