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Long time no see my bloomers. I want to apologize because wattpadd wasn't letting me log in and all this other stuff. So I couldn't update and all. So I hope you all enjoy because I really like this chapter!

Katerina grabbed my hand and dragged me down the corridor and through the street towards the pack hospital. Being human it was harder to keep pace with Katerina's natural speed and of course the dips in the dirt didn't help with my clumsy self. Once we entered the hospital I was so terrified of seeing my father, was he still alive? As we raced down the hall the once calming white walls seemed to mock me with their blank answers. We got to his room and there wasn't a sole in sight. This can't happen, there was supposed to be time for me to find my answer. This wasn't the way it was supposed to go. I finally found the support of the wall and slumped down to the floor. Once on the floor the tears came flooding out.

"Julia are you ok?" Katerina says in a panicked tone meeting me on the floor. I couldn't even answer her because if I tried to speak the crying would cover my voice. Once I got my voice back, I explained everything to her.

"I could have prevented it." In a whispered tone I kept repeating myself while wiping away my tears.

"Could have prevented what?" Katerina says confused. She then got up to grab the box of tissues.

"Thanks" I say grabbing the tissue box while waiting for her to sit down so I could continue. "My father. The moon goddess..."

"Moon Goddess!" Katerina asks surprised.

"Yeah... Well she told me that..." I took a quick breathe and recollected myself trying not to cry again, "that I could save my father only if I turned back into a wolf." I finish waiting for Katerina's reaction.

"What's the issue?" she asks. I just stare at her perplexed that she doesn't remember me explaining why I hibernated my wolf in the first place. "Oh!" she says, sometimes I swear she can read my mind. "I'm sorry, that must be so difficult. What are you going to do?" she grabs my hands looking onto me concerned.

"What can I do, he's dead!" I yell frustrated at the way she is acting.

"What are you talking about, he isn't dead." She tells me.

"He's gone!" I jump up pointing to the empty bed beside me.

"No sweetie he is in testing right now." She laughs a bit and then comes over to me to give me a hug.

I push her away, "Then why did you come running into the house acting like he was in danger." I say pissed at her nonchalant attitude.

"Because he wanted to see you and I knew you wouldn't just come if he was just fine." She explains.

"I would. He's my father!" I say offended that she would think that way about me.

"It's true Julia. The last time you were here you just ran out!" she says.

"Because he confused me with my mom! It's a lot to take in after just being kidnapped by my brothers and messed up ex mate!" I yell at her. I couldn't believe she was acting this way.

"Oh." She says. "I'm sorry Julia" She comes over and hugs me again. This time I don't push away because I'm just too tired to argue again.

Just then my father is brought in, in a wheelchair, looking pale and drained. My heart immediately goes out to him. Once he realizes that there are people in his room, he looks up at us. At first he looks confused as to who I am, but then it looks like a light bulb went off in his head.

"Juliana?" he asks, his once stern dominating voice is now soft and weak sounding.

"Yeah it's me." I say slowly moving towards him.

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