03| fighting my heart

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               Dumbledore observed attentively as we left down the corridor

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               Dumbledore observed attentively as we left down the corridor. Well, actually, when I had left, for I did not in any certain way need a chaperone to escort me to the Great Hall. I knew my way, and I was not in the mood to hear any more witty remarks from that annoying, typical Gryffindor.

               I had only known this... 'Fred Weasley' boy for barely thirty seconds and yet he had already gotten on my nerves. First he kept tapping on my shoulder and disappearing, then he mocked what I was wearing and after that he did the unforgivable: transforming my personable, long blue pinafore dress which was handed down to me by mother, into the repulsive jeans and top I was now dressed in.

All in all, I found him thoroughly aggravating as we continued to walk down each corridor with me walking briskly so he struggled to keep up.

               "You're a feisty little thing, aren't you?" Fred commented, now unfortunately catching up with me. I caught a glimpse of him simpering at me from the corner of my eye. Honestly, does he not have anything else to do than pester me?

               I stopped and regained my posture and my classic Slytherin flare, then swivelled towards him as I noticed he had his signature cheeky look upon his countenance. Smirking at me, stopped too, which infuriated me even more. Who does he think he is?

               "Little 'thing'?" I assertively asked him as I portrayed finger quotes out in front of me. "I will have you know that as a matter of fact, I happen to be a girl, believe it or not! Not a thing." With that I flipped my hair over my shoulder as any Slytherin girl would do, standing my ground.

Retaining my confidence, I began to stride down the rest of the corridor. However I tripped on those preposterous trainers I had been given by that boy and stumbled, coming near to falling over. Overwhelmed with embarrassment, my cheeks turned the darkest shade of rouge. Get over yourself Alexis, you are being pathetic.

               "My apologies I did not choose my words with the upmost precision, m'lady." Fred remarked as he, to my astonishment, had offered his hand to help me up.

Since when was Mr Oh-So-Quirky-Weasley a sudden gentleman? I rubbed the thought out of my mind and graciously took his hand. Once I was standing, I for some reason released my grip from his warm hand in a gentle way. Why did I not swat his filthy Gryffindor hand away? He is the enemy!

               Remembering this, I proceeded to walk, however I stopped myself once again and peered up into his eyes. "Since when did my name suddenly become 'm'lady'?" Shrugging his shoulders, he smirked yet again.

               "Oh sorry, what I meant to say was girl, as you clearly stated." Fred declared and just like that he chuckled mischievously and strutted past me, smiling to himself. For one thing his fiery red hair definitely resembles his personality that's for sure.

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