Chapter 12

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When I saw the bow in the boy’s hands, I immediately knew that it was for me. Or Ivey, she’s fiddled with whips before and she’s almost a pro, so she’s safe.

                I looked at the three knives I had. Then at the boy. He was skinny, but strong. Why is it that everyone in this year’s games seems so much stronger than us?! All well. In training, I saw him throw a weight that probably weighed more than he did. He was fast too. My knives were nothing compared to what he could do. I heard a thumb behind me and whipped around. Ivey had dropped her whip! It was the metal one that had killed the boy from district four! I looked up at her; she clung to the tree with her legs and held up her hands, they were still burning from the rancid fruit. I bent down to pick up the whip, when I heard a whoosh. I bolted up and looked at the tree. The boy, I think his name was Jason, had shot an arrow at me. Good thing he missed, or else it would’ve hit my head, and I would’ve been a goner.

                I whipped around, lashing with the whip. He dodged most of the slashes, but a lot of them hit him. I tried hard not to hit the bow and quiver. I needed them. He shot a few more arrows at me. I listened for the thud behind me to make sure they hit the trees.

                Finally, I hit his hand and he cried out. He dropped the bow and landed on the ground. I flexed my wrist and I gave him a deep gash on his neck. He sat there screaming, as he bled out. It was almost too much to bare but I stood there, no grin, no tears, nothing. I just stood there. Finally his cannon went off.

                I picked up the bow and quiver while Ivey climbed down. Her hands apparently weren’t perfect but good enough for her to climb. I handed the lethal whip to her.

                “Hmmmm. I’ve been wondering…” she looked at the tip of the whip. “OH! I see how he died!”

                “What?” I looked closely at the whip. It had a razor sharp, flexible “blade-like” end. On the tip of the “blade” was fringes made of very fine, very sharp metal. Yeah, that would kill easily. “That would hurt.”

                Ivey smiled. “I love the choice of weapons this year.”

                I looked up. “We better go. The hover will want to take him away.”

                Before leaving, I grabbed all of the arrows he had shot at me. No use leaving them for someone else to find them. We walked back to base, keeping an eye out for any possible kill. Now that I have the bow, we will have more food, lots faster. I will also have a good chance of surviving, for a while.

                When we reached camp, I had shot four squirrels and five rabbits. We set up the smallest fire we could manage, and roasted the meat.

                As we are we talked about our homes, and our families.

                “Don’t you think it’s a little odd how we all got so much in our bags?” Ivey asked.

                Logan nodded. “Yeah. I’ve been thinking about that. Why so much?”

                I shrugged. I was getting tired so I crawled into the sleeping bag Ivey and I shared. “I don’t know. I guess we’ll have to find out tomorrow. Let’s get some sleep.” I didn’t realize how right I was until the next day.

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