Cato~I feel This

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I tiptoe down the through the hall, trying my hardest not to make a peep.

"Going somewhere?" A voice asks.

I jump and turn around to face it. My district partner, Cato, stands with his arms crossed. It's weird seeing him, there's always been this awkward sexual tension between us. We've both decided to ignore it.

"Yes." I try to stand confidently.

"Where are you off to?" He asks with a small

"Why do you care?" I ask, ignoring his question. "I'm going down to the training center."

"Why are you going this early?" He asks another question. God, it feels like I'm being interrogated.

"Because if I don't get some extra practice in, it's likely that I will die tomorrow." I shrug. I step into the elevator, not wanting to hear anymore remarks from Cato.

It's weird being here with him. He was always nice to me back in district two. Helped me if I needed it, kind to those around him. At some point on the train he must've decided that the ass act would work well for him.

I step into the empty training center, it's deadly quiet. I walk over to he sword fighting station, combat is where I'm weakest.

After 30 or so minutes I've managed to work up a sweat. Since no one is really supposed to be down here right now there aren't any supervisors. This also means I have no one to spar with unfortunately.

I let out a roar of anger. This is too easy, the machines aren't the same as dealing with an actual person.

"Need a partner?" A voice asks.

I jerk and turn around to see Cato, leaning against the nearest wall, a smirk proudly on his face.

"Actually yes, pick up a sword." I instruct, I wipe off a bead of sweat from my forehead.

He looks surprised by my strong attitude. We both get down in a position to spar.


After a few hours of training, an avox comes down with a note that says we have 30 minutes before we need to get ready for tonight's interviews.

"30 minutes, let's make them count" I state.

"C'mon (Y/n), you sound like this hasn't been fun." Cato teases.

"Yeah, I love kicking your ass." I grin.

"Is that so?" Cato smiles.

He rushes forward, our swords clash against the other. We both fight for dominance. It takes all of my strength to hold him back. I start taking slow steps backwards, Cato keeps pushing against me. I take one more step back, and I've reached the wall. Cato sword is pressed against my neck. Our breathes are hot against each other, we're both breathing heavily.

"How is it possible you still look so good right now?" Cato says.


Cato cuts me off mid-sentence with his lips on mine. He drops his sword and cups his hands on my face. I take this opportunity to turn the tables, I use all of my strength to switch our positions and take the sword that was still in my hand to press it against his neck, then pry my lips off of his.

"What the hell was that?" I shout.

Cato looks breathless from the kiss, I can't say that I'm not either. He also looks surprised at our switch.

"That was testing a theory."

"And what theory would that be?" I asked, pressing down on the sword a little more.

"That there's something between us. I know that you feel it too." Cato brushes a hair behind my ear, "I feel this."

I drop the sword and step away from Cato. I can't breathe, what is happening? I step away from the mat and walk towards the elevator. Before the door can fully shut, Cato sticks his arm out before he door can shut.

"Don't walk away." He says, holding open the elevator door.

"I'm going upstairs to get ready for tonight." I say looking in his eyes, trying to avoid revealing any emotions. 

Cato looks down briefly, he steps back allowing the door to close. 

I step back until my head reaches the wall of the elevator. I rest my head. 

"What have I done?"

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