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     "Valentine your go a hour" The security guard says. I have been in this bitch for 3 year I would of had life if it wasnt for the abuse that the bastard that turned me in didnt know about. I had got in for voluntary man slaughter.  My lawyer did the battered woman's plea. After they saw the pictures and eye witnesses came in they drop my charge down. I walk outside with my ride or die waiting for me. She comes out in red heels, tight jeans and fitted black tank top. Her hair was down and sexy long hair hits her back. She had on red lipstick knowing she looked good as hell with it. She removes her black sun glasses and pushes them back.

" Hey baby how you holding up?" my beautiful wife says.

"Ight but I miss my wife"she says. I rest my hand on the glass.

"miss you to baby but Im still eliglable for parole Im tryna get it but these bitches aint nice to the white girl" I say.

"I bet but you got them baby oh Im dropping this off to you I got some helpers coming in you will be without free of sins soon"she says winking,

"Thats my sexy mami where is my son though" I say. I see Julia bring him in he was 3 now running around with a head full of hair.

"Mommy!!"he yells and hops on Jezzy's lap.

"Momma Casey"he says giggling as Jezzy gives him the phone.

"hey lil man you treating your mommy right?" I ask.

"Yes momma Cassie we went to the zoo with auntie Julia and and I saw monkies"he says in his cute little baby voice.

"Really you like  them" I ask smiling.

"Yes they were awasoommmee!" he says excited. He tells me about daycare and his time with his mother

"Wrap it up Valentine" My guard says. I roll my eyes.

"that good look I got to go I love you let me speak to your momma" I say. I hate that his eyes saddened.

"I wuv you twah"he says and kisses his hand placing on the glass like I taught him and I do the same.

"I love you babe"She says and slips a envelope inside the compartment.

"I love you too ill see you soon okay u gotta wait for me" I say.

"I can do that"She says.  Trust me I won't be here much longer. I walk back to my cell smirking.

So a bit of background information Detective Kay is the woman in charge of investigating Raven's Murder. she is basically a cold hearted bitch when it comes to criminals.  she had been in the work force for 10 years and well respected woman she arrives at the prison Casey and Shea broke out of pissed off that they lost two prisoners.  She had followed Casey's case well knew of everything she was capable off.
This is her P.O.V

Detective Kay

   "How the fuck you lose not one but 2 fucking prisoners?" I explode at the head guard.

"We had a bad riot break out and we had many other prisoners to maintain then we had technical difficulties with the camera's" he explains.

"Fucking idiots"I grumble and walk out. I drive to station diving into my studies, I've been investing Ms. Valentine she had connections everywhere from the Columbian Drug trade to the LA king pin. she has a long record. I lost her when she changed her name and slipped under the radar I just needed her to fuck up one time and she did now her ass is mine. I got her locked away but only on voluntary man slaughter I wanted her ass locked up for life. Yeah she killed a drug lord but she has killed many other innocent people. I spit on bitches like her. I knew she would break out but I refuse to let her disappear again. My phone goes off I look it..its a private number.

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