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ah, yes! my sincerest apologies, but this is not an update!
my intention is to rewrite this story BEFORE i continue. it might seem like it would take a while, but hopefully it will not! school ends in just a couple of weeks, and then the glorious freedom of summer will be upon us! in that case, i will have quite a bit of time to get cracking on this story!

however, i rarely come into Wattpad anymore - not enough time! so summer will likely be the only time you can expect updates, and then possibly only periodically. i distance myself from Wattpad because i get rather obsessed, but rarely have time to waste here.

but updates are coming, so be prepared! my apologies for the long wait, and thank you for all the support! every read, vote, comment - they all mean a lot to me, as i don't think my writing is very worthy of attention, so thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my little drabbles! it means a lot, and hopefully you'll get new updates soon!

thank you for your patience!

-StarsFallDim {star}

i'm more active on Amino and DA - sites/apps i can access easily and can spend a minimal amount of time on. if anyone is interested in following me, just let me know - i'll give you my usernames!}

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