Chapter Twenty-Six (Zaid's POV)

Most people get a car, or money, or lottery tickets when they turn eighteen.

But, I've always known I wasn't most people.

Let's start with the fact that I'm a werewolf. That's right, howl at the moon, run with a pack, hunt all night werewolf. I also mated with one of the most powerful werewolves of all time, Scythe Rider. He had this deadly saunter to his walk, his smirks made me melt, and his voice was enough to lull me to sleep whenever I was plagued by nightmares.

I also recently found out that I was adopted. I'll probably never know who my real parents were, and part of me is rather glad. I'm not sure whether they would be proud or disappointed in me and I already had people watching me constantly.

So, while everyone else was getting these nice fancy things for their eighteenth birthday, I had not only gotten a surprise from a psychotic freak named Jack Runningwolf, but I also discovered that I was from some ancient legendary pack made up of only males. Males that could get pregnant. I used to think getting a splinter in my foot hurt. Stepping into a bear trap on accident was awful. Stubbing my toe or falling off the banister or getting into a bike accident was just pure agony.

Being pregnant made all of that sound like rainbows and sunshine.

But when you broke your arm, you didn't get to see two pairs of eyes staring at you like you were the greatest of all beings.

And that's what I was rewarded with after I went through not just a hell of a pregnancy, but a hell of an adventure.

"Zaid, don't let Aidan climb on everything." Scythe scolded as I sat on the sofa in the warm living room of our plantation house. Aidan was the smallest of our pups. His fur was very white, as white as snow, tinged with streaks of gray and brown. He was really nosy and adventurous. Why, I had no clue. Currently, he was trying to climb up the side of the sofa to get near my hair. For some reason that went unexplained, he liked to nuzzle my hair.

"I've got him." I said, reaching up and taking Aidan into my arms. He whimpered, pawing at me as I held him to my chest. I felt someone pawing at my thigh and I looked down to see our other pup, who was a closer match to Scythe with more gray scattering across his back and tail and only a smidge of brown on the tips of his ears.

"Hi, Cal." I greeted him with a smile, reaching down to stroke him. I heard a little bark and looked down to see a ball of black fur hopping up in an attempt to get on the sofa. The black pup, I was sad to say, wasn't biologically mine.

He was one of two that Scythe and I had taken from Jack's lab. We named him Raven for his black fur and the fact that he was very watchful of everything that went on at home. He was always watching out for his siblings, Aidan, Cal, and our final pup, who we also rescued. His name was Rylan and he was white with russet patches on his paws and tail.

"I'm exhausted." Scythe announed as he came away from the window, coming to plop on the sofa beside me and making Cal jump in the air. Cal immediately started to climb all over Scythe, who rolled his eyes, but smirked anyway, taking him into his arms.

"You should've went to sleep." I told him, referring to the last night's bonfire in celebration of actually surviving everything that had happened no more than two weeks ago.

"I wanted to, but it'd be a waste to leave all that booze out."

"So that's why you reeked when you finally came to bed."

"I do not reek."

"You smell like cur." A voice declared. I looked up to see Kyler walking into the living room. He still looked a bit banged up from the mission to Jack's lab. He was limping a little from the busted ribs. He was still wearing bandages around his wrists and throat as well as a gauze pad over his foreheaed, but he seemed the same as usual other than that.

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