Chapter three - edited version

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Hey, my lovelies, I know I keep apologising for my lack of activity but I promise I am working on this story and getting it in tip top shape to publish! It's just been a bit manic lately with the end of this final uni year coming up! But, I promise I will make it up to you! I've posted the edited version of chapter three up as I'd love to hear your feedback and what you think of the new characters I've introduced - I really love both Laura and Jane and would love it if you left a comment on what you think! 

I all know you liked/loved whatever the original version and I would love it I knew what you thought about the updated version and if you perhaps like it more or if you're down with the orig. Anyways happy reading and I hope you enjoy! 

"Sash? ... Sash? Hello anyone in there? ........ I think she's completely out of it, has she been doing drugs?" I groan as Jane throws a ball of paper at me. Turning to look at her I scowl, what I hiss back making sure I wasn't loud enough for Mrs Jackson to hear. Jane points to the rolled up paper and Laura looks as if she's waiting for some big unveiling, I roll my eyes at them and open the note.

"Party tomorrow night. 9pm. Tell your mum you're staying at mine."

I sigh, what the heck? It had been three days since my date with Luke and I hadn't heard from him once. I had messaged him telling him I had a great day and well I had received nu-da back. To tell you the truth I was disappointed, I had really started to like him and thought maybe, just maybe this could go somewhere – well screw him! I nod my head back at Jane and she grins in delight, I could tell she was holding in not screaming yay in the middle of Science.

Throughout the lesson, I drift in and out of day dreaming and I can't help but think what happened? What did I do wrong? As much as I just wanted to shrug him off and be cool about this I feel at a loss, I was becoming some needy girl and I didn't like it. Every time I vow to myself to just forget him – get over it I can't help but race to grab my phone when it goes off; hoping that it was him. I shake myself off at the end of the lesson and grab my bag from the floor ready for lunch.

Jane races over to me and loops her arm through mine her happiness shining through just as bright as my miserable mood. Laura follows behind her engaged in some sort of message with what I could only assume to be her older man.

"Right, we need to discuss outfits! I think I'm going to go for wearing that nice red two piece I brought back in Zara a few months ago, you know the one I'm on about right? The one with all the embroidered flowers over it? Looks really Chic? Anyways, I was thinking maybe you could wear that nice top your mum passed down to you, it's a really nice vintage top and shows your cleavage of amazingly!" – I and Laura share a look over Janes' head and both send a small smirk of the same thought. Don't get me wrong, Jane was great but she was definitely a talker and full of life. "Don't think I haven't seen you moping around over some guy; which by the way I feel very annoyed over how you haven't discussed any of this with me! But, its done and dusted now and well were getting you a new guy at this party, I can't see you moping for another minute it's making me want to put on Drake and cry with you – and sista that ain't happenin."

"Who says I'm mopping after some guy?" I feel my defences go up, was I really that transparent? I tuck my hair behind my ear and look straight ahead not even wanting to look down at Janes mhmmm if you say so look.

"Come off it Sash it's as obvious as it is Donnie Michalin being gay." I shoot Laura a look of annoyance, when was she siding with Jane? She just shrugs her shoulders at me and starts eating her lunch.

"Laura's right, as much as I don't like the comparison! Have we all forgotten that Donnie was my ex? He might not be gay, we don't know that!"

"Did you do it?" I bite my lip to refrain from laughing, leave it to Laura to always be as blunt as she was.

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