[S7] Jon Snow x Princess!Reader | For the North

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Setting: Jon prepares for the northern threat as his role of King of the North. With difficulties winning over the Targaryen Queen, an opportunity arises to make
A new ally with a mysterious nation from off the map. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers, at the price of a marriage. Note: this is a longer one, so enjoy!

Y/A = Your Age (or whatever age you'd like to see yourself being in the situation)

You had never heard of Westeros- the name, maybe, but nothing of it apart from vague mentions in books listing lands beyond the dark western region. In fact, you laughed at the name- to think of itself as "West", when you were almost certain your lands were as far West as you could go. So evidently, you were excited to receive news that your father, King of the Black Lands, was taking you, his ambassadors, advisors, council, and 500,000 men to explore, and connect with Northerners of the country.

Your father was a fair man, and he had sent out scouts months ago to assert the situation so he knew who were the right people to negotiate with- the people who would make right, and trade right, given the resources. 500,000 men was a third of your homeland's fighters, and each of them were born survivors- you had to be, to live in the land of beasts that you had for Y/A years of your life.

You had not yet heard your fathers decision as to who he was planning to negotiate with, or how. And that is why you sat, patient, waiting for him to come to your chambers and speak. You admired the lavender hue and dark violet engravings of your long-sleeved, slender dress- it was not a dainty dress, but one designed for agility. It trailed only 3/4s of the way down your chestnut leggings, and rode up in the center-front, pinned into the middle of your black leather belt at the gold encrusted buckle. Your shoes were beautiful riding boots, black but engraved with the same violet crystals that inspired the colouring of the dress. Yes, proper western fashion gloated it's design and it's utility.

You were sitting in front of a mirror, brushing back your H/C hair ready to do it up, when you heard the gentle knock at your door.

"Come in." You responded, and saw your fathers broad figure stride through.

"My dear... I finally have the news I've been waiting on to tell you. Our scouts had told us of the situation- The "Queen of the Seven Kingdoms" persay has a rather foul reputation, and the odds don't look to be on her side for long anyhow. There is the Targaryen forces, from the eastern lands, of which I never knew existed- and then there is the North. Who claim to be fighting a bigger threat- I have decided to make my proposition with them-"

"And what's your proposition?" You demand calmly. Despite being a princess, you were headstrong and forward- fearless enough and adult enough to be up front with even your father.

He falls silent.

"A marriage, proposal. From you. And of course, good relations between our forces- and soon, our nations."

You're angry. Not about the marriage, but that your father had left it until the day of the meeting to tell you that he was making this proposal. Today. Today he would be offering you away, with 500,000 men to a man you knew little of.

Your hand shook slightly, but letting out a deep breath, you give a tight reply, "Who is the man I'm marrying?"

"He is dubbed 'The King in the North', though he treats this title with ignorance, and focuses more on his role as a leader against some armies of dead coming from far north. They sound like the man version of the Polar Beasts from our own northern lands. He has fought them. And he's still alive. His name is Jon Snow- a bastard, of a family that no longer lives, spare a few of his 'siblings'."

You ponder the man- he sounds like a survivor, rather than a poncey, greedy lord- you can appreciate that, at least. You wave for your father to leave you, so you can finish getting ready, and before he goes, he finishes with one last thing, "This will be really good for us all, you know."

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