Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Alexia felt as though she had stopped breathing, and that her heart had stopped.  There on each of the tests, sat a little plus mark.  She forced herself to keep breathing as she pulled three more tests out, hoping the first two were wrong.  She knew that it was a long shot, but she couldn’t help but hope. 

She used the new tests after drinking some water.  After sitting them on the sink, she sat down for another few minutes until she was sure that they were done.  She stood up slowly and walked over to the sink on shaky legs.  When she took a deep breath and looked at the results, she felt dizzy and had to sit back down.  They were all positive too.

There was no doubt about it; Alexia was definitely pregnant.


Cheater lay in the dark on his side of the bed, his arms under his head.  He was sharing the bed with Damon and he really didn’t feel like getting too close; he still didn’t trust him.  He was worried about Alexia and what was going on with her.  She’d said that she would test herself when they had stopped, which meant that she probably was taking the tests right then.

He had tried to wait as long as possible before he tuned into her thoughts; afraid she would be actually using the tests when he did.  When he did tune in, what he heard shocked him.  Alexia was pregnant; and technically, it was his baby.  At first, his shock made it hard to breathe, but he realized that Alexia was probably worse off.

Suddenly he became even more worried for Alexia.  How could she be taking the news of her newfound pregnancy?  He decided that it would be best to tune in completely to her to see how she was reacting.  In another moment, he was in her mind.  What he saw through her eyes worried him even more than before.

Through the mirror in the bathroom, he could see Alexia quite clearly.  She was sitting on the lowered toilet seat with her head held in her hands.  He also noticed a few silent tears leak through her hands, feeling her sadness like it was his own.  For any other teenage girl learning she was pregnant that behavior might be normal, but not for Alexia.  No, Alexia had always seemed stronger than that.  She had always been determined not to let the school get to her.  Now, even though they were all far away from the school, their influences were still very real.

Alexia was not thinking any coherent thoughts for him to read, just an overall sadness that was breaking his heart.  He knew that he had to find some way to comfort her, somehow.  He hoped that he didn’t wake anyone up in the process; that might be hard to explain. 

He left Alexia’s mind and slowly sat up in the bed, listening for stray thoughts from Damon and the boys to tell him they were awake.  After determining that they were sound asleep, he slowly rose from the bed and went to the door, taking a keycard with him.  He went next door to the girls’ room and knocked softly, hoping that Alexia would notice before we woke the other two girls up.


A gentle knock on the hotel door had Alexia quickly pulling her head out of her hands, ashamed she had acted that way in the first place.  Normally she prided herself on being strong during tough situations; yet she had let it affect her.

When she peered through the glass eye at the top of the door, Cheater’s concerned face looked back at her.  Sighing, she opened the door for him to come in.  She should have known that he would check on her soon, and her cheeks were still wet from the few tears that she had shed.

To her surprise, instead of coming into the room Cheater caught her arm and pulled her into the hallway.  She had just enough time to snatch her keycard off the stand by the door before he started walking down the hallway to the front door of the motel.  He still grasped Alexia’s arm, so she had little chance but to follow him.

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