This Is Me Part 2.

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Today was the concert and it was hectic. I was running around the whole day making sure everything was perfect and setup for later today. I went to soundcheck and made sure that my outfits for tonight was all set up. Riley couldn't make it cause she was working but its okay with me cause having her and the girls there would be awkward as fuck.

The guys were helping me and making sure that I wasn't getting to worked up and stressed. It was an hour before the concert and I was driving over to the venue. We arrived and it was already packed making my nerves go more crazy.

Zayn:"Just relax....."He said making me nod and walk backstage to see my sisters, Ian, Kim and them along with the girls.

Kim:"Hey"She said coming over and hugging me. I greeted everyone and took a step back taking a deep breathe. I haven't told anyone what happened yesterday with myself and Hailey and I wasn't planning to.

Kanye:"Ready?"He asked making me nod.

Y/n:"Yeah I'm gonna go get ready"I said making them nod. I walked to my dressing room and and changed into this👇

Ian:"Well looks like someone's ready"He said as I walked out making everyone look at me and stare at me

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Ian:"Well looks like someone's ready"He said as I walked out making everyone look at me and stare at me. I walked to them and snapped my fingers.

Y/n:"Guys its casual clothes.... Relax"I said making them shake their heads.

Payton:"Yeah but you make it look hot"She said making me chuckle and shake my head. We were talking for a while till I sat on the couch and sat back relaxing. I felt the couch dip making me look at and see her.


Y/n:"Hailey I don't wanna talk"I said sternly making her move closer to me and sigh.

Hailey:"Well we are"She said looking at me"You can't tell me that you didn't feel anything yesterday"She said looking at me and grabbing my hands"Y/n I made a mistake.....I made a huge mistake and I know its not enough to get you back but I love you"She said making me look at her and wake up from the couch.

Y/n:"You don't get to say that"I said shaking me head and looking at her"You cant say that to me....not after what you did"I said walking away from her. I walked towards the guys and their smiles all dropped once they saw me.

Tyga:"Whats wrong?"He asked making me shake me head.

Y/n:"I don't wanna talk about it"I said making everyone look at me worried. I saw Hailey walk up to us with girls making me take a deep breathe and try to push the words out of my head.

"Y/n you're on in five"He said making me nod. I grabbed my mic and took a deep breathe.

Kim:"Whats wrong?"She asked making me sigh.

Y/n:"How would you feel if the person who cheated on you just told you that they made a mistake and says I love you?"I asked making her stare at me shocked"Go to your place Kim"I said making her frown but nod.

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