This Is Me Part 1.

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A week later....

After my date with Riley I felt more confident in myself. I felt like I had a shoot at getting myself back to normal and I did. I've been going to gym with Khloe and lets just say its been intense and as for Riley and me well.....

Riley:"Y/n!"She said giggling as I kissed her face over and over again. We were out at this cute cafe near my place and what can I say...I couldn't help myself.

Y/n:"All I'm doing is giving you kisses"I said making her giggle and push me away playfully.

Riley:"You're crazy"She said looking at me. I chuckled and kissed her cheek.

Y/n:"You like this crazy"I said making her giggle and nod.

Riley:"I really do"She said making me chuckle and kiss her lips once again. It didn't feel like the way I kissed Hailey but I just had to get over it. We were talking for a bit till she looked at me and pouted"I have to go now"She said making me pout.

Y/n:"But its only been two hours"I said making her laugh and kiss my cheek.

Riley:"Y/n I have a few things to do but you can come over later"She said making me sigh but nod. She kissed my pout and grabbed her bag and phone"See you later Y/n"She said making me smile.

Y/n:"See you later, love"I said making her blush a little. I was paying the bill When I felt eyes on me making me look up and see the girls. Great.

I haven't seen the girls since the time we went to Nobu and I wanted to keep it that way but god loves playing tricks with me. I sighed and got leaving a few dollars on the table before walking towards the door. As I was about to exit I felt a soft pair of hands grip my wrist.

Kylie:"Y/n..."She said making me sigh and turn to face her"Can we talk please?"She asked. I looked at up and saw them all sitting at the table looking at me making me sigh and nod. I followed them and grabbed a chair sitting away from them making them frown a little.

Y/n:"What do you want to talk about?"I asked looking at them. I didn't want to talk about and I sure as hell didn't want to talk to them. All I wanted is to go to the studio and finish up the last of my recording and get ready for my concert.

Kendall:"We miss you"She said sadly making me face soften a little but shake my head.

Y/n:"I miss you'll too but you all hurt me in more ways then one I cuant forgive you so easily"I said making them all nod. I saw Hailey looked at me and all I wanted to do was run away at this very moment. 

Hailey:"We heard that you we drinking and partying a lot lately"She said making me scoff.

Y/n:"Yeah well my girlfriend cheated on me so sorry if I wasn't all happy and dancing on sunshine"I said coldly.

Hailey:"Y/n I didn't plan for this to happen"She said making me laugh bitterly.

Y/n:"Yeah but it did. You used me and you cheated on me. Our relationship may have been a game to you but it wasn't for me. I loved you Hailey and I made sure to give my hundred and ten percent cause I knew how much it meant to you....I knew how it made you feel"I said looking at her.


Y/n:"Do you think its easy for me?"I asked looking at her trying to hold back tears"Do you think I liked watching you and Justin be so in love and see pictures of you two kissing or holding each you?"I asked looking at her making her look down"Its hurts Hailey. Its hurts so much that even when I think about it my heart literally hurts and I feel sick to my stomach cause just three months ago that was me.......I'm just saying you could do better"I said waking up and pushing the chair in
"and when he ends up breaking your heart don't come looking for mine"I said looking at her and walking away.

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