As The Blood Mixed Snow Melts

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As the flully white blanket sits on the ground the crimson drops give it a pattern of beauty.

The drops mix into the fluffy blanket  and turn it red.

The sun soon comes up with it's rays of gold and shine upon the blanket melting it until there is nothing left in the place the blanket once was.

The ground turns brown and the mood changes.

The feeling of death overwhelms you, and you seem to die like everything else.

Your last few moments you think why is beauty so fleeting.

Soon a dark figure appears and  you are answered by it.

It only tells you, "If things stayed beautiful they would no longer be unique. Do you now understand?"

You nod yes as you fade.

Leaving the world you once knew you think this must mean I am beautiful.

Satisfided you close your eyes and disapear.


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