Drifting Part 7.

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Author's note.

Hey guys....so a quick author's note here....There will be a lot of music coming up these few chapters since its how Y/n expresses herself and it also helps with my writing so I do suggest reading it since it'll make you feel more into the story if you get what I mean and also a lot of people requested it.

Love you guys and Enjoy! 😘


Three days. I've been in my house, in this room for three days straight. It felt like my whole body was numb, my mind was numb, my feeling were numb. I sat in my room and just drank my feelings  away hoping that I'll feel nothing but it only seemed to heighten it. I was currently laying in bed looking at the ceiling thinking about things and by things I mean Hailey.

I heard the door burst open making me look at the door and groan. They opened the curtains and cracked a few windows open and pulled the bed sheets off me making me groan louder and hide my face under the pillow.

Abel:"Come in Y/n!"He said yanking the bed sheets that I was currently gripping onto.

Y/n:"No"I said muffled making them sigh.

Zayn:"Y/n this isn't healthy"He said making me sigh. Not like I care.

Taco:"Y/n you need to go out....you need to live life. You're fifteen, you're hot and you're the sweetest person I know....and you need to get out and live life!"He said making me look at them and sit up straight.

Y/n'"I don't want to do anything"I said looking at them"I just want to sit here and sleep"I said looking at them.

Tyga:"Are you gonna sleep your life away?"He asked.

Y/n:"Pretty much"I said dryly making them sigh and look at each other.

Abel:"Y/n your fans are worried....your family is worried....we're worried Y/n"He said making me frown a little.

Zayn:"You need to be able to go out and show her....show the world that nothing can stop you. Y/n I've known for about three years now and you don't give up and I know for a fact that you're definitely not gonna let some girl kill your dreams"He said.

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