Drifting Part 6.

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Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. That's how I feel right now. I know I shouldn't have cheated on Y/n with Justin but everything that night with him seemed so right and I just jumped in without thinking what I was doing and who I was hurting. I want to be with Y/n but at the same time there's feeling for Justin that I can't just push away.

After Y/n left I was honestly lost for words. I knew I hurt and I probably screwed up everything for everyone which just makes me feel worse. Justin went home to clean up his bloody nose while we all sat around quietly thinking about everything that happened today.

Kylie:"She's hates us"She said sadly.

Kendall:"I don't even know what to say....Y/n-She"She stopped for a minute and sighed"We lost her"She said sadly looking down.

Bella:"Why didn't you just tell her!"She said looking at me pissed.

Hailey:"Because I'm confused!"I said making them look at me and sigh.

Gigi:"Why didn't you just tell her when she came over to Kris's that day?"She asked.

Hailey:"I don't know!"I said groaning. I could see the girls are pissed off and I cant blame them"I didn't mean for all of this to happen"I said looking at them.

Kylie:"Well it happened"She said sighing"And we can't do anything to change it"She said looking at us.

Kendall:"I cant get what Y/n said out of my head "Just wait and see" its scaring me"She said making Kylie nod in response.

Hailey:"What do you mean?"I asked confused.

Kylie:"When Y/n broke up with Lauren after finding out about her cheating on her for three months.....she went off the grid, she drank till she couldn't function anymore and she just wasn't herself"She said frowning.

Kendall:"Its like her whole personality changed and it wasn't for the good....it was for the worse"She said making everyone go silent.

Gigi:"Ken-"She was cut off by Kylie's phone going off making Kylie look her phone and answer it and put it on speaker.

Kim:"What the fuck!"She yelled making us all flinch.

Kendall:"Kim we can explain"She said making her groan.

Kim:"I don't give a fuck! Have you guys gotten the invite"She said making us all look at each other confused.

Bella:"What invite?"She asked.

Kim:"Y/n bought a new place and she was gonna show you'll  but you all decided to fuck her over so now she's having a huge party at her place with the guys and something tells me this isn't good"She said making us all look at each other.

Kylie:"Wait as in Y/n?"She asked making Kim groan.

Kim:"No the fucking alien that goes by Y/n! Of course its Y/n!"She said pissed off. She took a deep breathe"You girls better go there and talk to her and you better explain to myself and my sisters cause we're all pissed at you girls"She said making us nod.

Kendall:"We'll be there....send us the address"She said making Kim mumble a okay and hang up. Kylie threw her phone on the couch and sighed.

Kylie:"Something tells me this is going to be the worse version of Y/n we've ever seen"She said making Kendall nod.

Hailey:"I'll talk to her"I said making them all shake their heads.

Bella:"I think its best that you just leave it Hailey"She said.

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