Chapter 1

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*a half year after the death of Shadow's pack*

Shadow was now full grown up and woke up by the singing of the birds. He stretched and yawed before he crawled out of his den. The air was already getting colder and autumn was almost over. Shadow knew that it will be difficult hunting during the winter months all by himself. He let his worries fade and sniffed the air like his father did before and two minutes later he was already following the scent of deer. Shadow made sure that he stayed as far as possible away from the clearing his pack was attacked. He was still following the scent of the deer as he noticed that he walked in an other pack's territory but he didn't care. Shadow needs to hunt in order to survive and he knew he's fast and strong so he can escape from the other pack. "I can easily escape the other pack." Shadow thought and continued following the scent. 

Said pack was rising from sleep and went out of the den they were living in. Like always the alpha got out first. His name was Rico and he was a white wolf with yellow eyes. He was the strongest of his pack but if it gets to dangerous he hide and lets his pack fight for him. The next wolf coming out of the den was a beautiful pure white wolf with aqua eyes. Her name was Rouge and she was the alpha female and Rico's mate. Then there was Sonic. He was a blue wolf with peach stomach and front paws and emerald green eyes. Sonic was the beta wolf and Rico's younger brother. He was also the fastest wolf of the forest. The next  wolf coming out of the den was a red wolf with rather sharp claws. He was not the brightest but was a really good hunter. A yellowish wolf with white stomach and blue eyes was coming out next. He was the youngest and smartest wolf of the pack. Then a pink wolf came next out of den. She had beautiful green eyes and was Sonic's mate. She is the nicest wolf of the pack but can get angry really quickly. The last two wolfs came out of the den. The female was a lilac wolf with white stomach and dark yellow eyes. Her name was Blaze and she was walking side by side with Silver. Silver was a silver-white wolf with gold eye color and the shyest of the pack. 

Rico walked through the forest with Rouge on his side. He raised his head and sniffed the air as he smelt the scent of deer. "There's a group of deer down the river. "Then what are you waiting for call the pack. I'm starving here." Rouge said and Rico chuckled. He threw his head up and let out a long howl to call his pack. Five minutes later the rest of the pack emerged from the trees. "Have you found something?" Knuckles asked and nodded. "Deer." Rico said and Sonic smiled excited. "Deer! That's my favorite!" Sonic exclaimed and licked his lips. "Fine, then let's go." Rico said and everyone nodded. 

Five minutes later they reached their destination and they saw the group of deer. After two minutes of discussing witch deer they are going to kill, all got into positions to ambush and crouched into the tall brush. They crept closer and closer without making a noise not risking scaring the heard too early. Rico was about to signal his pack to attack but something else attacked the herd causing the herd to run away from Rico's pack. Rico and his pack sprang to their feet to see what has startled the herd of deer. All they saw was a black flash and then the bull of the herd fell to the ground and  tried to get free from the black wolf's grip. The pack looked surprised as the saw that just one wolf had killed the strongest and biggest of the herd. "Who is he?" Sonic asked as he saw a black creature feeding upon the carcass. "I don't know but he's hunting on my hunting grounds." Rico said a bit angry and the pack made his way towards the black wolf. 

Shadow's ears twitched to the sound coming from behind him. He raised his head and turned towards the pack and growled not wanting to lose the deer he killed as the pack came closer to him and his prey. Shadow and Rico where starring at each other and both growling. "Who are you?" Rico finally said but didn't stop glaring at the black wolf. "I'm Shadow." the black wolf answered in a serious, deep voice. Rouge couldn't stop staring at Shadow. His body was well built and she got lost in his crimson eyes. Shadow noticed Rouge's staring at him and when he stared over to her she quickly looked to the other side but his attention was quickly back at Rico as he began to speak again. "If you want to live than it would be better if you leave my territory." Rico said with a snarl. "Fine Shadow said and turned around to take his prey with him. "Without deer." Rico said and Shadow growled at Rico. "Rico wait. Let him finish his kill. After all he took the biggest and strongest of the herd down all by himself." Rouge said and the rest of the pack looked surprised at her sudden statement. Rouge was still looking at Shadow and Shadow returned the smile she gave him much to Rico's dislike. He looked to his mate, then Shadow, then Rouge again and growled at Shadow. "Fine, but as soon as you finished you must leave." Rico said with slight defeat in his voice. "Very well." Shadow said in a cold voice and turned to eat his kill. Rico and his pack turned back towards the way they came except of Rouge. She looked at Shadow with interest until Rico come back out of the forest. "Rouge!" he snarled and Rouge finally followed the rest of the pack. 

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