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007. | ❛ balls of crazies.

CAROLINE'S BRAIN SWUM SLOWLY BACK INTO CONSCIOUSNESS, FEELING ODDLY DISCONNECTED FROM HER LIMBS. SHE HAD BECOME AWARE OF THE DULL ACHE THROUGHOUT HER BODY. She could feel a hum around her as a heart monitor beat rhythmically beside her. The stiff bed that she was lying on seems to rattle beneath her. Her eyes snapped open, taking in the surroundings and finalizing that she was in an ambulance. Caroline jolted up to see that Steve wasn't near her, or Kiara. She was completely alone, except for the one person that she probably didn't ever expect.

"You're awake." Rhodey breathes a sigh of relief, his hand reaching out for Caroline's, being careful not to touch the IV taped to the back of it or her bruised and bloodied knuckles; although none of it mattered because her healing was doing most of the work.

"What... How... Where are we going?" She stammered out her questions as she was trying to use her hands to push herself into a sitting position, feeling an odd disconnect in her left shoulder, followed by intense pain.

"Hey, hey, be careful. You dislocated your shoulder with the accident. And I know ever since Ultron, you're healing hasn't always been the same." Rhodey cautions as he moves forward, pressing her gently back into the pillow, trying to sooth her. "We are on our way Berlin, to the Joint Terrorist and Task Force Division. Caroline, stop, you need to calm down."

Rhodey moves to stop her movement again as she sits up, looking wildly around for an escape route. "He didn't do anything wrong. You have to let me, you have to let me see him." She spoke frantically, begging for him to hear her, for him to understand.

"Caroline, relax, Steve's a good man, he just made a stupid call, nothing's going to..."

"Like I'm going to believe you, after everything that you and Tony have done. None of us are making a stupid call because we know that Bucky didn't do anything wrong." She yelled, annoyed at Rhodey for not understanding, "He wasn't in Vienna. He didn't do it. You are accusing the wrong person."

Rhodey looks taken aback, drawing away from Caroline as he thinks on her words.
"The Winter Soldier?" he says slowly, unsure of the words.

"He's not the Winter Soldier, not anymore. Hydra had control of his mind, but he doesn't do that anymore. If he did, he wouldn't have rescued Steve from when they fell into the water. He's my friend, and I'll do anything for him and Steve to prove his innocence." She snarled in frustration as Rhodey's eyebrows raise in exasperation.

"Caroline, you've been through a lot today, and you've got a pretty serious pain med in your system, it's ok to not be..."

"I'm not crazy! You're wrong Rhodey, you have got the wrong man, and while you're wasting your time with him, the real bomber is running free."
She felt the ambulance make a tight turn, the light in the compartment changing as the vehicle slows down, the driver pausing to speak to a security guard. She finally succeed in sitting up, hand moving quickly to the IV taped to her skin. In one quick motion she pulled the needle from her skin, not even wincing at the uncomfortable feeling.

"Caroline, Jesus, what are you..." Rhodey gasps as her right hand moves decisively to her dislocated shoulder, she took a deep breath before moving her hand firmly and swiftly, a loud crack echoing in the compartment as her shoulder pops back into place.

A silent scream fills her mouth as she bites her lips closed, breathing decisively through the pain as she gently rotated her shoulder, checking her range of motion. Rhodey sits beside her, mouth agape as he watches her movements, shocked at her destructive choices.

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