Breathing heavily, I ran. Stupid. You're so stupid. Why did you have to leave that damn pack meeting early?!  I kept on running, my caramel colored fur flipping in the wind. 

I looked back at the four wolves chasing me. If only I could've waited another hour before getting bored at the meeting. I wouldn't be in this situation! No, there's nothing I could have done; it was like they were waiting for me or something. 

I was off daydreaming about nothing. I usually did during pack meetings. I wasn't one of those girls with the perfect hair, and the perfect manicure, and the perfect life. No, those girls were scattered across the room, whispering to each other. Like there was anything to talk about during a pack meeting. I looked over to my friends. Anna, Bryce, and Grace. And Cameron, my brother. But I don't really count him. Grace was my brother's mate, and Anna and Bryce were mates. It didn't bother me though, being the only one of my friends without a mate. It's not like my friends treated me any different. No one even mentions it. Except for Grace, but she was more like my sister. Like my mom used to say, "Your time will come Riley. An amazing mate will walk into your life when you least expect it." I used to believe her. But she's dead now. She got sick. She said she was fine, and everybody believed her. We shouldn't have, because now she's dead.

Thinking about my mom always makes me frustrated. Grace noticed my uncomfortable state and nodded her head to the door. She always knew when I needed some time to mysef. I walked outside into the chilly evening air. God pack meetings are boring. I walked around the block when I saw these four men looking at me, pretty intently. I was instantly thought something was wrong. I mean, I'm not ugly. I don't think I'm particularly beautiful either like most of the girls in my pack. That's why I was usually ignored. 

One of the men turned to whisper in to the other's ear; I think he was the one in charge. I used my werewolf hearing to listen. "Now," he mumbled under his breath. That was all it took. But before they even turned around to chase me, I was already shifted, running into the forrest. 

And that leads me to right now. Confused, scared, and running for my life. I looked back. They were no where in sight. "I think we lost them," my wolf said. Slowing my pace, I let my screaming muscles relax. That lasted about 4 seconds until I was tackled from behind. 

He pinned me down on the ground, kicking me repeatedly. "Shift back," he ordered while holding a knife out to my neck. I shifted back and spit in his face. "Tackling me from behind, what a coward," I seethed. That earned me a kick in the ribs from one of the other guys. I was struggling and cursing at them-- I know, very ladylike. Well, hey! They're the ones kidnapping me!

 "Seems we got a fighter. The boss will like a pretty one like you," The first guy said. That was the last thing I heard before he slammed my head on the ground, instantly making me unconscious. 

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